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is there a hierarchy of intelligence?

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    is there a hierarchy of intelligence?

    is there such a thing? are some individuals born smarter than others? or is it something we attain? is this topic boring? hehe.

    just something i think about when i go out sometimes.

    ive taken those iq tests (unofficial) and well, i was surprised at what i found, but i dont pay heed to those tests due to their bias.

    anyway, id rather have a higher eq (emotional quotient).

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    Um as far as I know, everyone is blessed with equal amount of brains but it depends on the individual, whether they use 5% of it or 55%. I have heard that an average person only uses 25 % of their brains (at least I think thats the figure). Just imagine, what would you be able to do, if you could use 80% of it


      There is good data in the medical literature to suggest that intelligence (based on a few variables-problem solving, speed of solution, memory etc) has a strong dimentional property-ie genetic component is high. Also studies show that IQs (not a perfect measure of intelligence)tends to go towards the mean in children of parents. However since intelligence (the brain and its hardwiring contributing to it significantly)is a polygenic trait, involving many genes, concievably dumb parents can give birth to "intelligent" children. Other factors like environment, pre/perinatal nutrition and life history also play a role.

      So if you are born a fool, dont despair, perhaps if you mate enough, you can have some einstiens. And if you are an einstien, dont beat you kid for not continuing your work on the theory of relativity.

      Aside from intelligence how about success.
      However success is a totally different topic....



        The human brain is like a car battery, the more you use it the better charged it remains.