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distracted by Gup Shup?

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    distracted by Gup Shup?

    How many of you are distracted by Gup Shup so that you might sometimes neglect your responsibilities at home or at work?

    For myself, I find that if I post something kind of controversial, I wonder all day long how people are responding. Most of my daytime work is at a computer, so it's hard to resist checking the site and maybe posting again, etc., etc. Sometimes I might sit and wait for a response from a particular participant who has said something irritating or intriguing. Anyone else? (I know, I need to get a life here)


    Yep, blame it all on Azkar.

    And how come nobody post 'intriguing' replies to my posts?? I protest.

    And on responsibilities, I am not sure if there are any responsibilities at home (laundry, dishes, cleaning... they are not responsibilities, just plain inflictions) that I neglect, but at work I usually log on when it is kinda slow (which it is these days) so no harm done so much so far.


      ... and then i wonder why it never picks up the pace at work...

      yes, zara.. gupshup can be distracting at times. its getting a bit slow these days though, and i fear my boss might start getting used to the fast pace of work... so, before that happens, need to put in a couple of flaming posts, shake things around a bit!

      lets start with Roman, heheh. he says.. "(laundry, dishes, cleaning... they are not responsibilities, just plain inflictions) that I neglect, "

      now you want to blame gupshup for dirty apartment, filthy dishes and unwashed clothes as well, huh... eewwwww!


        I would'nt say distractive - its addictive!

        And every addiction has risk of some kind.

        But I'm so glad I came here cos I've made loads of friends and I guess its you guys that have made me addicted to gupshap
        That was a nice thought by me!

        One of my colleagues at work thinks I keep going onto some kind of chat/dating page.

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          :-> *evil-smile*


            Yeah Zara!!! You guys sucked me into this cesspool as well, I can't stay away for more than a couple of hours tops. I keep coming back to see if someone replied or responded to something I posted. It really affects my productivity. I think should be held accountable for a lot lost productivity, THAT"S IT, I'm suing.


              dirty apartment, filthy dishes and unwashed clothes
              Hey, don't you expose my secret life to others


                "Secret life"! Now that's intriguing!


                  not a distraction for me. when i first joined i used to check responses to my posts often, now i check only when i have time, which isnt that often. school stuff comes first!

                  boi boi. smile!

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                    Is this question for Senior Citizens...err..members only??????




                      Nopes.Not distracting at all.Unless I'm engaged in a battle of wits with someone on the forum,I can usually stay away for days.

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                        very what my friends think about me lol
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