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    Sleep Tight

    How many of you find it hard to sleep at night and then as soon as you enter sleep land the flaming alarm bell goes 'DING DING DING'.

    A good nights sleep is essential if you lead a hectic life. Poor sleep is quite evident of a person's face. Up to 70% of cell renewal occurs at night and disrupted sleep may cause skin problems.

    Remember 8 hours are essential!!!!!!!

    Here are some tips to combat insomnia which is the term used when people have difficulty sleeping.

    - Add a little mustard powder to a hot footbath before you go to bed. This will relax you by drawing blood away from your head.

    - Eat a large lettuce leaf half an hour before bedtime.

    - Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on a hankerchief and tie it or rest it on your pillow.

    - Drink a cup of warm herbal tea just before
    you go to bed to relax you. Try chamomile, cantip, lemon balm and limeflowers

    - Read Isha ki namaz

    - Read your Kalima and Iyyat -ul- Kursee three times.

    - Eat a banana before you go to sleep

    - Avoid tea or caffien drinks. they will energise you more. so if you want to stay up drink more of this!!!!

    So sleep tight, hope the bed bugs don't bite!!!!!


    Hmm..sounds more like Ayurvedic medicine.


      Nagina by the time you 'll do all that bla bla, I'll have my atleast an hour's sleep, for sure.

      Well.....If u go to bed and think that I'll never have to wake up again then it wudn't be a problem.

      Tea contains nicotine which kills senses and drowse u down while caffein is a stimulant and can be, in abundance, in a cup of coffee.

      Frustration, fatigue etc. and sometimes oversleep are the major cause of sleeplessness (insomnia).

      Anyway its good to dicipline a person, kum uz kum mujhe to yeh sub sunkay hee neend aanay lagi hai.
      Bueno noite,
      Yawning *Ungrhayaeeyan* aur Kaleem


        Dear Nageena will you please elaborate the skin problems due to lack of sleep. Thanks


          I think the best is Namaz and Kalma. By the time you are done, you are yawning already. But Nagina jee you dont read namaz. You offer it. Another best thing is sex, but it is offcourse for those who are entitled to it.


            Did u say sleep?????

            and did i hear 8 hours of it???

            great now u tell me wonder i look like an old lady

            three hours of eyeshut seems to be a gift of God for me

            btw i tried the Lavendar Oil when i looked liked an elephant ....
            it worked wonders i use it for my two devils ....just an hour before bedtime i light up the Oil Lamp with the Lavendar ....and it really has a soothing and calming effect .....cant use the tissue with lavender under the pillow cause it mainly gets eaten .....

            Baykhtar naaa that only works for men
            btw what does ur nick mean?


              nadia21 asks
              btw what does ur nick mean?

              fearless or more appropriately lionhearted. I'm sure you must would've heard the following

              baykhatr koud parra aatish e namrud main ishq
              aql hai mahway tamasha e lab e baam abhi
              (shaeray Mashraq)


                KK, Well frustration is a common reason for insomnia, but I feel that every individual has their own way of dealing with this as its easy to say, 'don't worry - just go to sleep' when in reality the person suffering can't just simply STOP WORRYING. May be i'll put a post out on how to cope with anxiety, hummmm

                JAK:- skin problems: well as I said cell renewal occurs whilst you sleep. If there is a prevention to this then there is like a pile up of old cells. Just imgaine you don't put out your garbage/rubbish for the dustbin men (thats what we call them in the UK) to collect for 4-5 days, what would your front door look like? Well all those old rotting cells make your skin look awful.

                If you have dry skin then the result is dull looking dry skin.

                If you have oily, then you have pile up of rotting cells, think of an orange rotting away.. hence you get spots.

                You have to be suffering from lack of sleep for a good 3-4 weeks before all this pile up and rotting happens. So if you couldn't sleep last night don't worry you're ok.

                I mean when you've had a sleepless night, don't people always make comments like 'God what wrong with you?'

                B:- Sex, I thought that made you stay up all night???????



                  never go to sleep with makeup ....
                  why ??
                  ask nageena she is the expert here ..

                  Nageena thats for the women tend to doze off no on snore jaisay
                  .....ghoray bach kar so gain hain .....


                    how bout 4 hours on weekdays, and 12 hours on wknds? aaahemmm


                      Nadia make up laga kar soo jana, tu skin ko aur hi rot kar deytaa hai, naaaa yeh mat kareeyooo!!!!!


                        Desi mundeyaa!!!!

                        Urm well I'm not too happy with your sleep pattern over week days, but then I guess you make up for it over the weekends. But kuch masroofiyaat ku weekdays par kum karien!!!!!

                        Your body clock is probably very erratic, bar bar ganteey bajtey hogeey!!!

                        And then one day 'KAPUT' so try and have a regular pattern!!!!


                          warm milk does wonders....and for gawdz sake..stay away from the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIESSSSSS!!!
                          22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                            Hey Nageena

                            how about just eating 2 pills of sleeping medicine


                              I hardly have problems falling asleep. In any case, i know a sure-shot way of dropping off - lie down with an open textbook in hand, try to concentrate, and then ... morpheus embraces you...
                              Simple ain't easy.