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Savalee complexion YA Fair complexion. Aap kiya hai?

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    Savalee complexion YA Fair complexion. Aap kiya hai?

    Gorey raang ka zamma kabhi hogaa na puraana goree darr tuhjhey kis ka hai
    Tera tu raang gora hai

    Samvalee saaloni se mahbooba
    teri chooriyaan sharang kar ke...

    Well here you have the two sides of beauty. One stating fairness has always been popular and the other giving out a more traditional message celebrating that pakistani girls are 'savalee' and thats what makes them more beautiful!

    However our pakistani culture (I'm not generalising here but the majority of it) is more drawn towards fairness, white, blue eyes, lighter skin, etc.. Would be mother in laws often say, 'hai mujhey CHAND se dulhan chayeyey for my kaloo sa beta'. On the contrary you would'nt hear her say, 'hai muhjhey kaloo se dulhan chayeyey for my chand sa beta'.

    'Chand' here symbolises fairness, light skin.
    For these reason girls and guys often express their desire for something that would enhance their skin colour to make it more fairer and thus the assumption that it will lead to popularity.

    Phir kiya hota hai, they use all sorts of silly, products and actually ruin the texture of the skin and that leads to more confusion!

    Think about it the more you put these chemical based creams and bleaches onto the skin the skin gets darker or spots may appear and leave scars.

    Fair Skin is clear, and white. However conatins less melamin (i think this is what its called - correct me if i'm wrong) which makes the skin wrinkle faster. savalee skin conatins more of this (whatever) and so stays youthful for longer. I have a black friend whose 40 years old and the woman looks ten years younger than me!

    Fair skin, requires less make up, and a natural appearnce enhances features. savaley skin gals can experiment will lots of make up although the natural look is in anyway. But savalee skin girls can enhance their features much more than fair skin girls. Think of Rekha, she's very dark, but looks amazing with the teqniques she uses to enhance eyes, lips etc.

    Ways to have a clearer complextion:
    bleaching: although I'm not a big fan of this, every 8-12 weeks is fine or save this teqnique for a special occasion and only go for it on that birthday party or wedding day.

    Threading: This can, make you look fairer as the dark hairs are removed and your natural skin is more visible. Again, the problem is the re-growth????

    Cleanse tone and moisturise your face daily to give a healthy radiant complexion. Also rids blackheads.

    Spots: never bust em' they'll scar you for life!

    Drink water,

    savaley people should avoid the sun. And if they have to be exposed to it they should have protection.

    Western culture loves brown, tanned skin. Men and women are spending money to achieve this tanned brown look by going on sun beds. So savalapan is in!
    Fair people, be happy. Stress can can make you look worried, and tired, and your complexion goes pale not forgetting the dark circles around your eyes which are more visible on fair skin. On savaleey skin they appear lighter than the skin tone, so whatever your skin tone, try and avoid getting dark circles.
    Anyway here are some Questions on which we can start a thread:
    1. Why does our culture prefer fairness.
    2. savalee/savaley, or fair what are You?
    We can then have a little visual picture of each other.

    As always, please fire away with your comments!!!!!!!!!

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    [This message has been edited by Nageena Rani (edited August 23, 1999).]

    i believe i am a fair person though i am a kaloo.


      I am GORRA in winter and SANWLA in summer, may be i should stop playing CRICKET in summer

      ON a serious note, i think inner beauty is what should matter, not external. This is what ISLAM teaches us, and we should all follow that.


        Salam folks,
        Nagina jee or should I say skin tone expert jee..
        I don't know why does our culture prefers the fair skin people, as you said, that most of pakis are savlai so may they like fair skin coz one of the human nature i.e, we always want the thing that we don't have..(in most cases)
        So, may be its just in their mind... and may be they are slave of their own thoughts and certain trends...

        Ok, I have a fair skin but unfortunately I'm not proud of that coz this is what not mine.. my parents gave that to me in my genes... but to me inner beauty is something that matters more...
        Our inner beauty is something that we can beautify everyday, the more we work on it, the more we feel good, healthy and offcourse happy too and I believe these things automaticy takes care of our outer beauty.
        am I right Nagina jee??

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          My skin is off-brown - nah jus kiddin ya !

          Nagina Rani - the stuff that Michael Jackson got rid of is called Melanin .

          Hey Rainbow - you should be proud - or how else could u have this nick - j/k

          What about 'em UV rays now - u know wearin half sleeves n shorts in summers has left me with two colours ..Ha!ha! - what should i do to get one skin colour - i think hijab will work for me - dont advise the other option plz



            Well, this is a pathetic subject, but in fact it is extremely relevant in today's society. So well done Nagina!

            As far as I can see, White people try to achieve a darker skin tone, and dark people try to achieve a lighter skin tone. So the ideal is probably somewhere in between.

            Although good looking people tend to look good whatever their skin tone. And successful people will be successful whatever they look like. Image is important though.


              Hum kalay hain to kya hua dil walay hain
              I'm not gori (though people expect me to be cuz i'm a *choke* PATHAN! gimme a break plz )
              I'm not kaali either.
              I'm the middle complexion....wheatish as you call it. Bas jo bhi hai Allah ka laakh laakh shuker hai.
              And btw, i don't give a damn about somebodys's the inner self that counts.
              Looks are nothing to be proud of, personality is.


                Your replies are reflecting a sense of, 'inner personality counts, looks are insignificant, or so what if I'm dark skinned'.

                The post is not about, if your brown so what - you have better personality and if your fair then although your considered better looking... blah de blah.
                Personality is something as the word suggests 'personal' and unique to every individual.
                What is beautiful is also dependent on a personal consideration.

                My question was, Aap kya hai, fair ya sanvaley and why is our culture obssessed with fairness? Although some of you have answered this.
                I hope I hav'nt offended anyone.

                Personally I'm very fair, and have a very pleasant personality - I believe!


                  Maharaja jee,
                  I gave myself this name and its just a virtual name, it has nothing( or atleast not much) to do with my personality or personal appearence , but I wonder why people usually noticed the "white" word only, why not the whole thingie WHITERAINBOW. I mean you could say that rainbow is suppose to be colorful but why is this rainbow is white?? if I were you, this must be the first thing I notice but anyway, this is one of the thing that makes ourself and our thoughts different

                  Aab aap kahain gai itni see baat main itna serious hono ko kis nai kaha tha! Well, I'm not being serious I'm joking too (its other thing that I can't be a good joker j/k)

                  Nageen jee, aap bhi kis chakar main phans gain, chorain jo jaisa hai honay dain, Allah ki merzee aur jahan tak mera kiyal hai is kai pechai bhi kudraat ka raaz chupa hoa hai, jo hum jaisai chutay (akal sai) logoon kai janay kee baat nahi but its always good to find out the hidden secrets of nature. Keep hunting you'll find something interesting (hopefully)
                  GOOD LUCK!


                    Oh white jee .. or should i say white rainbow - aap ney kaisa socha key aap ki baatain hum serious lain gey - bai mein buhat hee kum serious hota hoon on gupshup!

                    Mr. Xtreme - how important is an image for a successful man - gosh im gonna post this topic now




             do a survey on whether we are sav alee or gori and yet you ask why our culture is obsessed with skin tone? seems to me that the cultural obsession with being fair will only die when we don't dedicate a forum to the issue...and for the record i am neither fair or savalee...i am pink


                        Well....I'm very very gori. I almost match the colour of a blank sheet of white paper.

                        I don't know if itz a good thing or reason being that I am anemic..and once my iron level drops....I loose the reddish colour in my face and it develops a yellowish tint.

                        Most ppl I meet do not believe I am desi...because of my skin colour.

                        The way I see it is are blessed with what you have...and you should not be little yourself or let n e one belittle you because of your skin colour...

                        "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

                        22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                          I regret putting this post out, or have I worded it wrong, I dunno!


                            Maharajah, image is not really important for most successful people, but for someone in public office it can be an importsnt factor. Think of Clinton, or Benazir Bhutto. Benazir might not be much of a politician but she was one serious babe at one time...if you'll pardon the expression.


                              nageena rani

                              its an excellent topic ....