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Y2K and flying to pak?

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    Y2K and flying to pak?

    How save it is to fly Pakistan around Y2K?
    I mean no one is that stupid to fly b/w Dec. 30, 1999 and Jan. 1, 2000.

    Dreams won't come true if you only want them to, but they will when you know they can.

    will the planes blast/freeze too? never knew that. (sniff...sniff!!!)


      There no problem. The plane may safely glide down the desert in Iran or Irak. You know that when plane glide on such ground is more safely than landing on hard rough surface like city road or rocks. I could take the chance.

      By the way i beleieve that our desiplane like
      PIA is more safely than the aeroflot!!! hahhaha. You should at least trust your own sedi planes!!!

      the best way to come down there is riding cycle!!!! (oh **** so tired after carrying around so many luggages on the cycle. hahaha)


        Dear Wiz,

        Y2Fly to Pakistan to begin with?


          How about gettin serious for a change?
          The only chance I might get to visit family in Pak is probably in the winters, although I am also worried about the Y2K problem not only at the airports; talking of which, planes cant fly around without guidence from an airports control place (whatever its called). Keep in mind the electicity and some other facilities may not work. . ."I wouldn't wanna be in Asia on the newyear" as one Y2k technician commented.

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