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    Last night I ended up in a perplex situation while wondering about SOUL.
    What is a soul, where does it live, in our body?
    Whether it lives in our heart, KAlEJAA, stomach or in the head, maybe in our mind but then…what is mind?
    If it has something to do with our brain then brain is matter and mind is IDEAL (immaterial) thing and matter and ideal is like
    " a woman falls in love with a person because he's (Filthy) rich"
    or Boss (r u around?)is marrying some (AIDS-zada) Tina Turner type bay-bay (punjabiwala) because she's dying ....soooooon, if u know what I mean?

    What I mean is ….If the soul is controlling the body and it vanishes when we die then soul is IMMORTAL and it makes us immortal too but are we?
    And if soul is capable of flying-off then it can move to another body as well?….I mean GHOST sort of thing.

    And if soul is IDEAL and body is MATTER then combination is pretty awkward, isn't it?

    You people try to figure it out and let me see where this GUPSHUP is heading.

    are u saying that u doubt Allah's Power

    He is Divine who can create from the soil and put life in it....
    how can "u" a "nacheez banda" in anyway argue His Power

    man and i thought i was twisted ......


      i read this book, "mysteries of the soul". it was good. explained a lot to me.

      Learn to love yourself, then learn to love one-another
      "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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        Well well well look who's here.....KK himself


          There's a long way to be 21 for u gal!(I'm talking about mental age).

          Kaki, what on the earth made u believe that I don't believe in HIS powers.
          I've got no idea what in my posting implies that.

          Munni! Can u come in detail about this book,
          Thanx anyway.

          HSH-TO-SA: Do I know you......Bud.?
          Cheers all the way,


            i dont regard mentality and maturity with age honey........
            maybe i am forty or maybe i only sixteen who said i am 21

            plus then what exaclty ur post meant if not questioning Allah's Authority......
            hmm all i have to say is for ppl like u there is Surah Rehman ....heard of it ..its in the Quran dear go check it out ......

            case closed ........

            as to where i got the idea of you questioning Allahs Power from here dude

            And if soul is IDEAL and body is MATTER then combination is pretty awkward, isn't it?
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              um, i always looked upon the soul as an..Inner being of an individual. We don't know what it looks like,
              what's gonna happen once our Body dies off or even where the soul is going to go once out Body does die.
              Though i think the soul IS immortal; as
              for wht's gonna happen after is really - maybe a religious issue (i guess).

              Hmmm...i wonder though, wasn't the soul determined as your most deep intellectual & most internal thoughs/feelings.

              Dunno if this gup shup is really getting anywhere, but as a peron on their own, it is really vital to "realize" what youre main root and the broader aspect of living. (right?)
              i dunno..


                Dear nadia21,
                Mental age refers-to maturity, isn't it, Lass!

                You may be 40 or 16 or.... Whatsoever but still long way to the mental age of 21 i.e. maturity.

                Have I made myself clear, kaki?

                Rahaa sawaal "HIS POWERS" kaa toa,

                In My posting, I was just trying to be li'l bit curious and showing my quest to sort out few things about the SOUL.

                Yeah, I not only read but try to grasp SURAA REHMAN as well but you probably......try to understand that ...... Sugar!

                Iqbal somewhere in his book (R. C. O. R. T. in ISLAM) says
                "Faith is the essence of a religion but (blind) faith without REASON n LOGIC leads to BIGOTRY n FANATICISM".

                COMPREANDAY (as Spaniels say)And I don't see any reason of you getting ignominious…..LARKI (if u r).

                Kohal, Feelings/thoughts/intellectualism akin to mind. IF (Mind or) soul is immortal it should go somewhere and stay or assimilate into something.
                As far as roots are concern, The most plausible n logical argument (Both religously n scientifically) I found, is we have completed the cycle of progression, started by a unicellular organism, I don't know when.


                  arghkh...yea..this stuff gets ya thinking..

                  and thinking is bad for health. so before the wazaarat-e-sehat (or the jamaat-islami) comes after you with a danda...Quit it!



                    on a serious note..

                    yea..I was thinking about mortality the other day...and how it's like "aik pal mai sab kuch hay aur dosray hi pal kuch bhi nahin." but just for THAT person. could it be that once it really truely ends?? life, or actually mind for that matter is too precious for it to come to an end like that...or so i would think. so i guess we do move on..our bodies may deteriorate, but a part of us moves on to a "better" place and that must be our soul...
                    and may be that place doesn't require these vulnerable mortal bodies...

                    aah well...the question remains..

                    just like another one of our philosophical mysteries...
                    how many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a tootsie roll??

                    the world may never know.


                      Hayaa! "Mind is too precious to end like that" sounds great to me but…Doesn't it lead u to believe that HEAVEN or HELL is not the destiny or destination, for that matter.
                      'Cause it gives an end to life or mind as well or make it stagnant or monotonuos. I really donno

                      Jammat-e-Islami only comes with dunda on expressing and I'm still in the state of WONDERING rather pondering.

                      NADIA21-: you seem to be infected by Y2K or may be you are from way or the other, it is severely effecting your faculty of cognition. That's what making u......JUMP.

                      One thing is for sure that you are one of those women........
                      " Pls. Ladies! "Silence" 'cause we wanna hear the roaring sound of …..NIAGRA FALLS" if u know what I mean…kaki.

                      Lady! If I'd be "Mr. Know it all" then I wouldn't have come with this posting (ref:??) (another blow).

                      Before "Kaash-meree-girl" comes and close down this DHAAGAA, wud u mind start THINKING before it's too late.


                        gotta disagree there!!!

                        believing that our souls move on, that mind is too precious to be just wasted, and that the place hereafter doesn't require limitations such as the physical bodies...makes it all the more reason to believe in heaven or hell!! who said life will become stagnant in that other better place? who's stopping our souls from doing what we do here...may be this is just something to prepare us for something bigger, better and something that lasts.
                        One of the things that bother me the most is how things don't it anything!!! u name it and it will come to an end eventually!! be it an emotion, a relationship or life...the thought of heaven actually brings some sort of enlightenment becuz you know that now that's something that will last!

                        in the end, we can do all the soul searching we want dude..but it doesn't bring us any closer to the truth.
                        i read something today, i think it kinda relates..
                        if a man was shot with a poisonous arrow, would he have it removed immediately, or not until he finds out the name, age and parents of the person who shot it? if he goes with the latter, than chances are he'll die due to the poison before he even gets his answers. life's too short for pondering over everything that boggles our minds...
                        but hey, i guess it's human nature to question....i know i do. but it only distorts the whole picture even more...

                        confusing eh...


                          One saint-nee once said "Burn me in hell, if I worship Thee for the reward of heaven" (lady's name n exact words later).
                          In heaven, may be, there will not be any materialism but to me strive for heaven is a form of materialism, too.

                          If living there is just a ultimate thing then esp. where all souls are eternal and no Ques. of vice n virtue then I don't see any DYNAMISM in that life and ALLAH after giving us our reward, will have nothing to do if there is no other life elsewhere.....Dunno.

                          I think we are heading no where and BTW your BOGGLING thing reminds me of a story of a saint who had 99 reasons for the existence of God and he's desperate to make the century so he "ran" for it and found a shepherd so he decided to ask him. The reply was "Why it came to your mind? He exists, that's it", and it was with a swing of his stick.

                          So before somebody comes with........mujhe bohut durr lugtaa hai.
                          We better close it down, thanx for thoughts precious thoughts u shared,