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Shopping in the capital

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    Shopping in the capital

    I'm going home for a couple of weeks and I'll mainly be staying in Islamabad.
    Can anyone recommend any shops that would have really unique wedding outfits (not bridal). Or a web page????

    Any suggestions????

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    "NEE PUNHAL" all the way for me


      Dear Neganna Rani, go to Lahore. Islamabad has nothing. Lahore has everything. In Lahore, go to Anarkali, and Muzzang Bazzar (donít go to Main Market, Liberty, or Fortress Stadium Ė these places are run by THugs, and the stuff they sell is low quality). In Anarkali, treat yourself to a fruit chat in Banoo Bazzar and a glass of freshly squeezed Anar Juice before venturing to find excellent bargains. Enjoy your trip.


        yeh ahmadi is right ! What r you gonna do in islamabad - that place is so dull - no offence to any islbadians.

        Ahmadi - ahh since how long have you not been to Anarkali - u cant find a parking spot there now - talk about enjoying - man the rush there always made me nervous or ooper sey dakhay - thats why government college or king edward was never an option for me



          Lahore $%^&** naaaaaaa
          the best place to shop is karachi........

          well i have been to lahore once dah it was dirty and boring .......
          Rawalpindi is same as lahore dirty and boring
          Islamabad love it......its so neat and clean ......

          so if u have no other choice then to shop from Islamabad then there is this Chinese restuarant ......dah i have forgotten the name......and just opposite to that is a street lined with shops ......

          oh but karachi lalalal the best .......
          take a rikshaw no no the car wont do ......
          drop by the signal ....yes there is only one signal .......
          walk a bit and rush into the chat house ....have some chat uff along with any softdrink u can imagine ....(yes its avaliable)oo btw if u have some space left faluda is a must ......
          good now ur all set walk straigth yes its a long walk to mateen, rabi, and the one startging with d ...forgotten again ....and wallah have fun all the designs all the fashion u can imagine .......

          oh did i mention i hate sadar well i do
          and dont even bother with them markets of clifton .....all show and no good

          happy shopping
          shop till u drop

          oh btw if its not a bother could u do a little for me i can email u a list

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            oops one more favour as long as ur in that part of the country could u do me another favour .........
            take a wagon (dont forget to take along a book too-----its going to be a three hours dive) to Abbotabad and drop in and say my salam to my granny .......

            thanks ...


              Thanks Ahmedi, MR and Nadia, but I don't really have time to go to Lahore or Karachi, you see my eldest brother is getting hitched, and i'm only going for 10 days. And I know you all are gonna shout at me, but I've ordered this £350 outfit from india. I know its a rip off but I really wanna look 'WOW' at this wedding. Well cos my cousin's gonna be there (the PAF one) I want him to take one look at me and just .... erm... well... die!!! thats die to marry me!!!! I gonna buy it!!! I don't want to end up in in Islamabad and think God I wish I'd bought that outfit.


                Nadia .. your post made me very hungry ... now i am dying to go to Karachi.....

                350????? Nageena, whats with that????
                The PAF guy will die for sure when he hears that


                  If you really wanna leave an impression on that fauji, then ........
                  wear FLYING SUIT and best place to buy them is LOONDA BAZAAR.

                  BTW, NO CREDIT CARDS!!!!!

                  Your PAF cousin will take you there 'cause these people often go there (to Buy) to "impress" others.


                    Ok I've slept on it, my aunt told me off big time and said this kind of outfit would be only about £100 in Pakistan. I'm thinking of flying out to Karachi for one day to find some clothes.

                    Hey KK. thanks for that I'll tell him so gets impressed by the mere fact that I know of this place.


                      heheh well i am letting my imagination run wild for a while ....thinking what would impress the PAF sweetheart.......

                      first impressions are the last so
                      a choori dar pagama with loads of choris...
                      a kurta (kalaf one is superb)
                      and a long flowing duppatta is a must....
                      some chooris only plain ones, khoosas, and a paranda .....there ur all set to make him die for u .......


                        Thanks darling nadia, you know I was thinking the same. I have to get his attention. He's really patriotic so colour wise I could wear the colours of tha flag, green and white. What do you think??? Hai mein uss key sadqey jahoon!!!!

                        Anyway i'm going to fly out to Karachi for a day. My Aunt was telling me Cliffton's a good place to shop. Lekin aap kuch aur farmaa rahey hai. What about tariq rd???


                          nageena love yep green red and white in a chunri duppatta is going to look nice with a whitel kalaf kurta ......

                          clifton is ok well its more of a showoff then shopping ..i mean u will be giving more then getting....
                          tariq road is the best cause one can find a great variety of stuff ....try out mateen rubi and dolmen ...

                          personally if u ask me i hate those kaam walay kapray ...i like simple things ...cant say what the PAF sweetheart thinks ..

                          but goodluck with it ....


                            Wow thanks again, with a chunri like that, I'll be singing that song from BIWI NO 1 'aja tu choo ley meri chunri sanam, kuch na mein boloon gee teri qasam'. cos he is a bit scared of me, I think.

                            yeah Nadia I don't like that dabka stuff, I'm after really elegant, sleek outfits. well I don't know what PAF SWEETHEART likes, but I'll find out soon.

                            Hey are there any ex or current PAF guys out there? & can you tell me how to 'pattaa' him without making a fool out of myself! I mean when you guys get together, what kind of girls did you all talk about and what kind did you dream about????

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                            [This message has been edited by Nageena Rani (edited September 01, 1999).]


                              hmm seems like ur too much into this person ...allah tum dono ki joori banai or salamat rakhay

                              btw lookout for these new banarsi prints they are so cool i mean their colors are so elegant