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10 Great Pakistanis?

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    10 Great Pakistanis?


    YahaaN Inglistaan ki sard fazaon mein aksar ingrez log yeh mazaakh karte hain keh tum 3 mashoor Belgians ka naam lo..! Ab mujhe yeh khyaal aata hai ke kya hum 10 pakistanion ke naam bataa akte hain jo ke aalami sattaH par azeem kehlaaye jaa sakein.
    Aur iss mein hum Qaid-e-Azam ka naam nahin lengein kyonke that's too obvious; aur na hi Allama sahib ka kyonke woh pakistan ban-ne se qabl hi visaal farmaa chuke , can you name 10 great pakistanis?


    ...I can only think of the following

    1. Faiz
    2. NFAK
    3. Mehdi Hassan
    4. Abdus Salaam [even though I HATE to admit it]


      Fabulous topic!

      10 great Pakistanis? Has there been that many? I can't think of 10 but here's my choice;

      1) Imran Khan. For all his faults he's a true world figure who didn't just rise to the top of his profession but was/is also a great ambassador for his country. True patriot.

      2) Jahangir Khan for kicking so much non-Pakistani a$$ at squash.

      3) Jansher Khan. Same as above.

      4) A Pakistani mujahid who died fighting the Forces of Darkness in Kargil.

      5) Another Pakistani mujahid who died fighting the Forces of Darkness in Kargil.

      6) As above.

      7) As above.

      8) As above.

      9) As above.

      10) As above.

      Wow! There are more great people than I thought!


        1. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani (although he was an Indian)
        2. Hakeem Noor-ul-Deen (First Khalifa of Ahmadis)
        3. Mirza Bashir Ahmad (Second Khalifa)
        4. Mirza Naser Ahmad (Third Khalifa)
        5. Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Fourth)
        6. General Abdul Malik (Army)
        7. General Akhtar Malik (Army)
        8. Sir Chaudary Zafarulla Khan (Pakistan’s First Foreign Secretary)
        9. General Naseem Ghani (Eye Surgeon – Pak Army)
        10. Bashir Bajwa, IMF exec.

        There are many more. Sadly, no women to list. I am sure there are plenty of them, but are kept under cover!


          What about Liaqat Ali Khan?? Aur un jaise aur bohut se Pak heroes??
          Sirf 10 to ab hamare Nishan-e-haider paane wale haiN

          1. Doc. Khan
          2. Abdus Salaam
          3. Abdul Sitaar Ehdi
          4. Pro. Tahir-ul-Qadri (Only for his modal schools)
          5. Gen. Zia-ul-haq (Army meiN se gand nikalne ke liye)
          6. Jahangeer and Jaansher Khan
          7. Imran Khan
          8. Hocey ke koi player
          9. Aur bagi ke players jinhoN ne Worldcup jeete the – naam yaad nahiN

          10. Sher Jaan – Nishan-e-haider no. 9
          11. Hawaldar Lalak Jaan (Yahi naam hai na?) – Nishan-e-haider

          12. Mehdi Hassan
          13. NFAK
          14. Noor Jahan
          15. Nayara Noor
          16. Shaziya Khushk
          17. Abida Parveen
          18. Reshama
          19. Arif Lohar
          20. Sultan Rahi
          21. Moin Akhter

          List lambi hai aur waqt thoRa, baqi ke phir kabhi

          No. yooNhi lag gae, in ka matlab yeh kehna nahiN hai ke Moin Akther akhir meiN aate haiN.

          [This message has been edited by sabah (edited August 24, 1999).]


            My list as an outsider and indian would be

            1)Noor Jehan
            3)Dr. Salam
            6)Jahangir khan
            7)Ayub Khan
            8)Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
            9)Mehdi Hasan
            10)Ghulam Ali


              Hmmm....well there r many many true Pakistanis..if we start counting...papers might be finshed.
              In my point of view..

              1) Liaquat Ali Khan
              2) Miss Fatima Jinnah
              3) Nawaab Mohammad Ismael Khan(Jinnah's companion)
              4) Gen. Zia-ul-Haq
              5) Gen. Akhtar Abdur Rehman
              6) Doc. Abdul Qadeer Khan
              7) Imran khan
              8) Noor Jahaan
              9) Jehangir Khan
              10) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

              All those shaheeed's and mujahids of Kaargil
              The list is so loooooooooooooooooooooooong..
              lekin kiya karein Asif saheb nein 10 kee jagha rakhee hei...

              C ya...
              It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)


                The lists so far includes either political hasteeyaan or showbusiness people.

                I agree with Xtreme: All those Mujahid's in Kashmir, or the 'deemed ordinary folk' which includes strugglers trying to make a day's wage, or all those women whom have been exploited in numerous ways are the top Pakistani. Uun ko Mera Sallaam!


                  Why is zia held so highly in pak. i thoght that since the industrialization and economic growth took in Ayub era, Ayub would be held highly. just curious.


                    hmm... lot of good names mentioned ...
                    but i didn't see
                    -Benazir, she is very famous.
                    -The Pakistani from SIENFELD, everyone knows him
                    -Oh also the pakistani guy who was on FBI top 5 most wanted
                    -And did i forget to mention .. ME


                      I forgot to mention (thanks Bhola#1)...Yousuf Ramzi. Now there's a real modern day icon.




                        First of all..I think my point has been misunderstood; haaN , if we include people whom PAKISTANIS already consider as great..phir to list bahut lambi ho jaayegi. Also, I too would put Imran Khan/Jahangir Khan/Jansher/Miandad etc. BUT for the fact that, all said and done, sports is a pretty trivial thing in the scheme of things. But I suppose for his cancer hospital etc. IMRAN would still get in. The same holds true for musicians and showbusiness people..excluding these, who is left?? Real greatness tab hoti hai jab dushman bhi azeem samajhe..

                        [zaahir hai ke all the mujahideen are great as are all of the awliya-e-karaam and the the sincere ulama of Ahle Sunnah--but most people will not have heard of them.]

                        HaaN, Liaqat Ali Khan sahib I too agree with. Ayub Khan I do not know enough about.

                        With these restrictions, it suddenly gets v. difficult doesn't it?

                        (Ps to the qadiani who put that list of qadianis---ha ha ha!! la'nat hai.)

                        Where are our Ghazalis/Ibn Arabis/Ibn Sina's/Ghalibs/Aurangzaibs etc. of today?


                        Sirf yeh naam aate hain:

                        Sayyedi Amir al Millat HaDrat Pir Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah Sahib quds sirruhu

                        Pir Sayyid Karam Shah SAhib al Azhari quds sirruhu

                        ...these are two awliya og international fame in the islamic world....


                          What did Fatima Jinnah do?


                            Why isn't M.A. Jinnah on the list ??

                            Actually we should have a list of 10 great Muslims of the subcontinent !!


                              Actually if u put non muslims out, Dr. Salam can not be put on list since officialy he was not Muslim though he thought otherwise.

                              I change my list. I put Faiz in and drop Ghulam Ali. Ahmad faraz and Sadaat hasan Manto will be other noteworthy additions but there is no place,

                              Top 10 Muslims of subcontinent would be tough, maybe after 1940 1)jinnah, 2)mujib, 3)kazi nazrool islam, 4)maulana azad, 5)faiz, 6) sardar jaffery,7) imran, 8)bade ghulam ali khan, 9)dilip kumar 10)noor jehan. Still u have nargis, madhubala, rafi, talat, ali akbar khan, zakir, allarakha, 3 khans of bollywood, begum akhtar and many many others.