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Tips on buying a used car

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    Tips on buying a used car

    When you buy a used car, always check for oil leaks under the hood specially, Engine and Transsmission oils leaks; My advice would be
    never to buy used American cars; Big pain in the you know what. And avoid buying cars from Iranian ppl whose brother/sister left the country so they are selling the car(typical BS)

    Make sure the buyer does the smog check unless its diff in Tx. If the car
    wont pass smog check, you cant xfer it in your name (Calif law);

    Test drive it on the freeway to ensure there is no rattling or loose noise and it doesnt drift one way or another. Check the brakes and accelaration etc. If youre not expd in used car buying I'd suggest take a friend or an elder person to negotiate and ask these questions:

    1. Are you the first owner?
    2. Why are you selling the car?
    3. Has Engine/Transmission been rebuild or repaired?
    4. Has the timing belt been replaced? if mileage over 70k
    5. Brakes, clutch, Alternator, CV boot/axle etc repair done recently?

    Have to ask questions in a way the seller doesnt get offended because some times they dont know all the questions and get upset etc. etc.

    I do not mind you posting it here mr. san diagen or whatever. althow you have already posted it.......

    rub rakkha!


      True about the iranian thingie, in general don't trust anyone with that fake story, esp foreigners
      But personally I think we expect too much out of a muslim seller than others...I mean we want the car at such a good deal that its at a loss to him!!!Thats not right, there shouldn't be any 'taking advantage' on either side!!!Play fair and don't get what you pay for...