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Good old fashioned home cooked meals

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    Good old fashioned home cooked meals

    How many of you left home to go to college/university abroad? Did you guys miss those wonderful meals that your mothers cooked. I know I did and sadly I never appreciated her cooking until I had to cook for myself.

    I still miss my mom's cooking, but thankfully my parents have moved all the way accross the world and are a lot closer than they were, now I can visit them every other weekend, and i get my share of them chapatis and biryani and koftas and ... i'm starting to drool.

    4 years ago, my brother and i had to live on our own for 5 months during the very very harsh long Canadian winter - it suxed soooo much. We DREADFULLY missed our mum's cooking.
    So ocassionally we'd take turns on who to cook, i gotta say:
    * my Daal / chawal dish weren't bad (for real!)
    * and Murgi ka salan wasn't bad either
    These are the 2 (i believe) most eassssiest pakistani dishes to cook.

    i gotta say, mum's know where its at when it comes to cooking GOOD food...oh god, watch my cooking totally suck when my times come.......
    lata, kh