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3 simple steps to great skin - 4 life!

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    3 simple steps to great skin - 4 life!

    First of all, thanks for all the support that you guys have shown me through your replies. I'm glad that I'm here for you all.

    Ok, this post is about healthy skin, specifically facial skin. Now come on guys, don't shy away from this, it should be important to you too.

    So tell me, how many of you wash their faces in the morning with 'soap'. If so please stop it!!!! no excuses, you must stop immediately. If you use a facial gel, well for the guys its okish (not 100%) and girls if you have extremely oily skin use facial gels but for the majority you must'nt use even facial gels.

    What should you use?

    3 simple words that make up an unforgettable formula!

    Cleanse + Tone + Moisturise = Great healthy skin!

    Its true. Soap contains harsh acidic ingredients. How ever exspensive, it still has soda in it. Facial gels are creamy but still dry out the skin.

    why is it impotant?

    For girls its important becuase we use make up on our facial skin, and can block up the skin pores. So by cleansing and toning we remove the gease and grime that locks into the surface of our skin. Removing blackheads. Black heads are dirt and grime trapped into our skin! Sounds disgusting, oh and never sqeeze blackheads or you'll look like a digestive biscult!

    For guys, (I hear you sniggering and sighing) well don't ya all 'SCRAPE' the surface of your skin every morning when you shave. That has such a drying effect. unbelievable Man!!! Your leaving a very small upper layer of the skin exposed to the environment and its bacteria which love to nest in raw skin. Your skin does become a little raw after shaving.
    Thats why the aftershave stings you and ya all go sshhhhssss!
    so shut up and read on!

    Your routine should be as follows
    1. According to the skin type, (oily, dry, sensitive and if some are lucky normal - normal skin is like a baby's bottom so if you have skin like a baby's botton, i envy you!) buy a mid range priced CLEANSER and TONER.
    (Not sure what to recommend as I'm in the Uk and majority of you are either in Canada, US Middle East ect) I guess you all know what Loreal plenitude range is. So thats a good brand. (No I don't work for their International Marketing Company Secretly)

    2. Ok apply the cleaner to the face and neck in up ward movements, up ward is important, as it has a facelifting effect.

    3. Massage the cleanser gently. This is your face not ATTA Gondney ka kaam nor is it your head when you massage oil! Gentle upward stokes with the tips of your fingers. Circular movements around the cheeks - Get that grime out!
    Zig zag movements around the chin and nose, - get those black head out!
    now along the neck. You don't wanna end up with a youthful face and wrinkled neck like Noor Jahan who covers it well with her scarf. (apologies to her fans)
    Sing a favourite song lal lala lala!!!!
    2b. Repeat this step again to get a real good cleanse, if you've been wearing make up. Otherwise follow the next step!

    3. Ok now get some dampen cotton wool! and remove the cleanser again in an upward movement. Damp as in wet it and then 'nichoor' it. Never Use dry cotton wool when removng cleanser as it drags the skin and makes it go red!

    4.Toner: apply some toner on dampen cotton wool. A light rose water/ honey water toner for dry skin and and a strong astringent type for oily skin. Again up ward movements.

    6. Get some tissue paper (not wet) and dry out the skin

    7. Finally Moisturise. Now I would personally splash out a little on this as its on your face for the whole day so make sure you buy a good brand again considering your skin. Dry skin should be well moisturised and oily skin should be moisturised using a light oil free cream. Sensitive skin people should use an unperfumed product.

    Wow, great looking cleansed skin. Humm smells nice too. So girls now you can apply make up to beautifully cleansed skin and guys you should do this after shaving!

    This routine should ideally be done morning and evening. Morning cos the skin renewal process occurs at night and evening cos you have a lot of grime on your face from the day!

    There are lots of additional things too like face packs, skin serums, eye gels etc.. so watch this space for more info!
    Tell me how you got on.
    Husband and wives - cleanse each others skins, brothers and sisters take it in turns to do each others, or just just do it your self.

    So bye for now!

    To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.

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    [This message has been edited by Nageena Rani (edited August 16, 1999).]

    gracias girl!
    22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


      Okay....this means I gotta get up an hour early each day
      Hey great tips girlie!


        Hey, thanx for the tips but like someone before me said, this means that I have to wake up about an hour earlier than my usual time. Now what is more important, healthy skin or beauty sleep ???


          No darlings, it only takes 15 minutes to cleanse,tone and moisturise. Just go to sleep 15 mins earlier.
          Hey guys, I hear no comments!!!


            I'm not very convinced that it's worth the time... shaving daily itself is a pain, on top of that, skin toner?? naa baba naa
            Simple ain't easy.


              heyy i dont need any toner thingy achaaa? ...i got normal skin **wink*wink**.

              Yeah i knew soap is brutal, but abb yeh sab natak karnay ka kiss ke paas time hai yaar??

              acha acha, ok i'll try your advice, but first i'll have to get it approved by someone, another *wink*



                Thanks for the post. But I am surprised such a skin expert like yourself left out one important thing. Isn't the sun (U.V. rays) most damaging to the skin? even desi skin? I usually use the SPF stuff as a moisturizer. How important is that?


                  The skin thing is great!

                  Queer bro advice for you dont shave daily, its not good for your face; your face will have erosion effect in which skins gets weak and it starts to come off when your shave and after NOT few months but few years your face starts go get smaller and smaller...


                  Till next time***K_I_S_S***



                    and you claim to be in medical school? :-P
                    Simple ain't easy.


                      Strongman, your very correct and 'I dunno', how could have I missed this bit out, well i was going to do a post on moisturisers and it could have been covered there. I'm glad to hear that you take this seriously.
                      Did you know that an acne prone skin condition is exaggerated by the sun, so its very important to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays.
                      Queer, your face will be like an aloo soon, Don't shave everyday, the rough and rugged look is fine - you know the stubbly look.

                      Shehazardey, so your skin is like a baby's bottom, hummmmm, thats nice!

                      Jawaan, aap ki skin tu buhat jawaan hogee na!

                      Anymore Questions????????

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                        I dont claim to be in Medical school but i will be inshallah. Jaawan ki tarah Jaawan ki skin be jaawan hia jee!!!


                        Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                          Jawaan I hope to be in med school too
                          Let's pray for each other!

                          Allah Hu Akbar


                            Nageena ji.. arent you suppose to just wash off the cleanser with water ( yeh cotton shotten beech main kahan se aagya). And what is a Toner. Now Nageena ji i am assuming that i should shave before doing all that..tho main yeh after shave kab lagaoon. Ok me now totally confused.. jaldi bathai main tholia baandh ke khara hoon.....ammi is getting suspicious.