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Why did you move from Pakistan??

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    Why did you move from Pakistan??

    An interesting question comes to mind when I see so many Pakistanis here in the West. The question is why did they come here from Pakistan.
    As for me, education was the biggest reason. And I do plan to go back after I am good enough to serve the good people there.
    As for people who are still in Pakistan, what are the reasons you haven't moved from there?

    Take Care All,
    Concerned Pakistani.

    That is what they all say when they initially come here. I did too. Yes I am going to get trained then go back and help people. Then after finishing their studies they say oh no wait I should make some money and get some experience before I go back (This is the stage I fall in). Then you start a family and you say oh I want my kids to learn English and go to good schools, then I will go back. Kids grow up, oh where else can you get the best education for children. Finally as you near your death bed, hey this is the best place for heath care. Sari duniya sai log aatai hain. The only way you are going back to Pakistan for good is in your coffin.
    But in this long journey you have lost your kids, your culture, your identity, your values, in exchange for material comfort. To most this seems to be a fair exhange.

    As to your second question the reason people come here is because there are more opportunities. There is law and order, jani or maali security. You are hired based on your merit not who you are related to. The list is endless.

    As for the people who are still in Pakistan there are reasons for staying. One reason is that they are amongst the elite, rich and powerful, who can go back to run papa's business or use dada's money to start a sock factory. The other reason people stay is that they don't have a choice. They can't afford to come out here but would migrate the first chance they get. Then there is the majority of the Pakistanis who can't even read or write and are excluded from the migration process.


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      What is even more interesting:

      Many muslims who somehow make it to the USA, end up living here and calling it a 'Kafir naiton'


        In my case, for

        1- Education
        2- Better career & life
        3- Freedom

        And sure enough, this is home for me. Never intended to go back, never will.



          Good question.

          I came to Canada because my Dad was basically fed up with the situation in Pakistan. He decided to move to Canada and thats why I moved here...because of my family.
          I've been back in Pakistan for 4-5 months now, taking care of some loose ends before I go back and join my family for good in Canada. I, personally, do not think I'd like to settle back in Pakistan once I'm through with my education. I would definately be coming back on business trips or to see my lands, and meet friends etc. But as far as living in Pakistan goes, I dont think I'll be able to do that for a variety of reasons, one of the main reasons being that I've seen professionals who work their heart out for their country, be treated in an unfair and vindictive manner by third class, pathetic politicians out to settle scores with their equally third class mates in the opposition. The fact is, no body appreciates your work in Pakistan anymore.
          And I'd rather not work in an environment like that. Besides, working and living here means you have to play politics..which is something I despise.
          Finally, there's one point that I'd like to make here. Nobody ever leaves their country
's the circumstances and the low life's in power..who force ppl to leave their homeland and find another country to call home.


          Believe In Angels.



            Good posts guys! Keep 'em coming

            Remember: Seven days without prayers makes one WEAK!!


              Concerned Pakistani,

              YOu are right. I haven't worshipped my mountain bike for last 3 weeks. I am going to do it this weekend!


                Settling far from the country that bore you has always been difficult for people and as Homer's Odysseus laments in The Odyssey, composed nearly three thousand years ago: "So true it is that a man's fatherland and his parents are what he holds sweetest, even though he has settled far away from his people in some rich home in foreign lands."

                But it is hardly surprising that the prospect of gaining immigration cannot fail to tempt even the most patriotic Pakistani, especially when the newspapers are brimming with reports of corruption, violence, breakdown of law and order, poor medical facilities and poorer educational prospects, loadshedding, water shortage, poverty and lack of business prospects in Pakistan.

                These were my two cents worth.


                  I didn't leave Pakistan. hehehe


                    In my case, it started out as education. But the quality of life and the respect for all life in the United States is what prompted me to stay, I don't intend to leave. Why should I go back to a country that doesn't value the lives of it's own citizens?

                    Some people say things like I'm going through an identity crisis, or that I will always be a second class citizen in the United States, well I'd rather be a second class citizen in a country that values my life and protects it rather than a first class citizen in a country that couldn't give a damn about me.


                      I was born and raised in the USA and by the grace of Allah i can honestly say that i have not assimilated to the shameless american culture. Of cousre, life in USA is easier than in Pakistan but a part of me always wishes that I were living in a muslim nation...a place where I could fit in. Unfortunately, after visiting Pakistan in the past four years, All I could find was a corrupt nation with declining morals. My dream to one day settle in pakistan are over but being an ajnabi in my own country (USA)is also not a pleasing alternative.


                        coz i was nuts.


                          i cannot choose the rite words so i'm goin to repeat wat zainab said "i was nuts."
                          why don't know.probably it was my fate.



                            You can go to Saudia Arabia. You can have a great time with your muslim brothers and sisters there.


                              Interesting question...
                              Before i attempt to share my reasons for emmigration..a more basic question....
                              what do we need in life...?
                              An easy answer would be , security , basic human needs i.e food and shelter,oppurtunity to sharpen and express our talents . when these are met we go on to do more exploration , to enjoy noval experiences and learning that comes with it...
                              we all move out to varying degrees, some out of their home, some out of their city, and some out of their country, to a place that lets us celebrate our individuality.
                              Situation in pakistan is such , that except for a small percentage of ppl , basic needs are hard to stuation, both for maal and izzatt , is poor...and ppl are so caught up in struggle for these that anyhting above that is not possible...It just seems logical that some one with the ability, would want to move to greener pastures..
                              There is comfort in the known and tested , and some ppl , despite having the ability wont give that up...
                              I moved out after my basic education, for greater oppurtunuties.I dont know if I would go back, my line these days is" I certainly want to keep that option open".
                              At this time life seems to have plateaued. I am comfortable with my basic needs , and in the process of defining some finer goals of life...( This probably wouldnt have happened if I was back home, i probably would have been caught up in everyday struggle to meet basic needs)until then though , it sometimes seems to be a seasonless place, where in khalil jibran's words , I laugh but not all my laughters , and cry , but not all my tears....