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    Please help me!!!!

    hello everyone,

    I would appreciate your help if you would tell me any advantages and disadvantages of using microsoft access over oracle as a DBMS. Any idea's, web sites etc. All welcome.

    The more you lose, the more you get ... but watch out that gain doesn't last forever!

    u can also send this to technology forum.


      depends on ur needs. how many ppl r going to use it and what kinda web interface u r looking for and that kinda stuff. but oracle is definitely more powerful and oracale web db is better for web applications. also access works fine for 10-20 users after that it dies. pos microsoft.


        MS Access and Oracle have entirely two different consumer markets. The main difference is in their scallability (number of users, size of physical data and performance etc.) of the business processes.

        Access is more like a stand alone database system with easier to use and built user interface. It is mainly used in offices, small business, or a department within a large company.

        Oracle is an organization wide database system. It's world's leading Relational Database Systesm (RDBMS). It's scallability is way beyond Access.

        So it depends what your needs are, and how they are going to grow.

        Also note that you can actually use Access's interface building capabilities just for the front end and have Oracle or SQL server as the backend database system. Pretty much like Visual Basic development environment.

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