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A Better Life in 30 Days or Less....

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    A Better Life in 30 Days or Less....

    What's the deal with self-help books? I understand why they are so popular - because there are so many dissatisfied and insecure people around. But seriously, after they've tried one or two shouldn't they get the message that nobody else can tell you what's right for you?

    A couple of friends are into psychology...they rush to the stores and pick up the latest on topics like, "How to resolve conflict with your teenager"....or "Getting the most out of your relationship with your in-laws". The teenagers still have issues and the in-laws are still fighting.

    There's these women that I know....they continue to buy books on hooking up with the "man of their dreams". Books like "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" or "The Rules" etc. I have yet to see any of them successful as a result of following the advice in the books.

    Now I'm not saying all this without having given it a those of you that are gonna come back on that angle...just don't. Find a different approach.

    I'm all for inspirational texts...things that cause a person to reflect and in an introspective manner evaluate one's own life. Those types of books tend to bring about more progress than the ones that make grand claims of "changing your life".

    What do you think?


    i dont know if i can answer your question but i will tell you my view.
    not everybody buys such books. some people even shun them. as you know, people like "quick-fixes". most people think short-term as opposed to long term, which is why they go for "30 days to thinner thighs" type books etc... and as you may have realized, its mostly women that read/order these books. many being housewives. i think patience or lack of it has something to do with it. others just find such books intriguing and since nothing they have done works, they figure "hey, it worked for them, why not me"? i think after awhile though, most people give up on the first book and move on to another one. people always wish for miracles, and as long as they do, they will continue buying such books. i dont mean to say that these books dont have some good suggestions, cause some do. most people dont follow the exact guidelines in them in the first place. either way, youre gaining some form of knowledge, even if you never use it, atleast people are reading! thats always good to know!

    Learn to love yourself, then learn to love one-another
    "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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      True on how there are many many impatient ppl out there who are totally dissatisfied and insecure by themselves; and yeah, i'm sure if you do follow the guidelines in some of the books...your lifestyle or so forth could improve.

      The fact that the ppl are so impatient, they want things to be done as soon as possible. So hence, they get the books similar to the: A Better Life in 30 Days Guidlines.

      Now if the results do turn out well, then, *good for you*...but if they don't..
      you don't have to read another book; improve your own lifestyle your own way, use your head, think of an alternative solution for a better result.

      Getting inspiration / motivation is always a good thing...just your action prove how much you believe in them.


        People are always looking for a shortcut.