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Levels of communication

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    Levels of communication

    Three examples:

    Level #1: Meet me at Philly airport at the gate, incoming US Air flightt #1101, 1:38 PM, from Columbia. If you are late, use US Air Baggage Services Counter as contingency meeting place. If all else fails, check your Voice Mail. I will be wearing a blue blazer with brown slacks and a rollerboard wheeled carry-on and a brief case.

    Level #2: I'm coming in on US Air at 1:30 PM. I'm medium-build with a crew cut. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and have high hopes for a great time. See you then!

    Level #3: I can't wait to meet you. I've looking forward to this for weeks. We will have such great fun. I'm arriving about 1:30. I don't know the flight number but there can't be that many coming in at 1:30! I hope this isn't too much trouble for you to pick me up!

    I think I listen to the people at level 3 no matter which level they are using to communicate!

    Hehe .. well i always take the elevator so reaching level 3 for me aint too tough - secondly its also easier to use despite all the mob