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I'm just totally sick of this

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    I'm just totally sick of this

    I'm just totally sick of some Indians using indecent language about Pakistan. I mean what the hell! Can't you guys use decent language or weren't you ever taught how to behave!!! You guys wanna discuss something..go ahead...but MIND YOUR LANGUAGE!

    Hum sa...

    It goes both ways.


      Anyone that uses indecent language to discuss anything is simply displaying their own calibre.

      I think we've all had it with infantile behaviour.


        KG you are right.
        Muzna you are also right.
        I wish others would agree.


          Dear Brothers,

          I am fully agree with all of you. They should have some sense to talk in a decent manner.

          Allah Hafiz.

          Nisar Malik


            Have you ever noticed that Pakis do the same thing! take IRC for example. Stay on #pakistan for a while, you will notice a typical Indian cursing! and vice versa!

            In short, life is a pile of shoddily carved rocks that druids caper about


              What are u talking about....... It's indians, always indians. If sometimes pakistais do that kind of stufff...... Still it's indians fault.... They make them do it..


                Aaaa....Pakistanis and Indian are alike when it comes to cursing. Dun worry.


                  Truth is when it comes to cursing, we desis (both Indians and Pakistanis) are I think proud of their ability of using foul language. But you are right HSHTSA that it does get really tiresome listening to someone undermining your country but then if we didn't do the same we might have some right to say something about it.


                    Now that we're done whining about it, lets take another look - how did this entire discussion actually help ? oh, wait, it didn't .... just that a bunch of us got together and mimed about the sorry state of affairs, and probably felt good about it.

                    Language is just a tool - I personally dont mind foul language too much ... in some cases, thats just the way a person talks. The important question is: is there any message in that post other than obscenities ??

                    Based on that, you can choose to reply or ignore.

                    Dev "sometimes obscene" Uchka.


                      They Have No Other Choice!!! (besides thats what they are thought in thire homes and schools to promote hate and voilence well thats what they are doing you know)!


                      Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                        Huma sa

                        I can only agree with you.
                        I have only been here for a couple of weeks, and each time it made me furious to read postings about pakistan, that were misleading and only posted because one want to spread bad rumours about pakistan.

                        If anyone wants a discussion they will get it, but never if they use bad language.

                        Allah Hafiz


                          ... and the ranting goes on.

                          What utter arrogance ... Jawan's stmt is a classic example of that ... I'm sure at some level it makes y'all feel oh-so-good and squeaky clean.

                          Dev "amazed" Uchka.

                          Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


                            Where do accusations get you?

                            We spend so much time talking about "them" and “They always say or do this/that” ..why don't we accept that it isn't just them..there are plenty of people on both sides who use inappropriate language and tone with each other here?

                            My only recommendation is accept that some people are going to say/do what they wish..make sure you aren't inappropriate and let the moderator take care of the people involved. If you see anything that isn’t appropriate…drop the moderator a line…otherwise..say your piece..nicely..proove your point nicely…and go on.


                              A classic example of what lover420 said above
                              and I quote

                              "What are u talking about.... It's indians, always indians. If sometimes pakistais do that kind of stuff.. Still it's indians fault.... They make them do it.."

                              When are the Pakistanis worldwide going to wake up, realize and accept responsibility of their actions and become productive rather than blaming each for actions of their own.