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What is Matrix!

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    What is Matrix!

    I just saw this movie yesterday. The movie was a just like a deja vju of Islam!!!!!!!!
    Yes, believe me when i compare the following way.

    1(matrix): Morpheus say " I finally one who can save the world"
    1(Islam): Allah found a correct person to
    spread the message of Islam,
    Mohammed ( peace be upon him).

    2(matrix): "What is matrix", ask thomas
    2(Islam): "what is islam".

    3(Matrix): Morpheus say "do u want to live
    this dreamkind of world or follow
    the truth path?"
    3(Islam): Mohammed (pbuh) "Oh my people, let
    follow the straight path which is
    guided by The Almighty Allah!"

    4(Matrix): Thomas Anderson wake up in his
    nest and red eyed monster is
    checking around like a guardian.
    And this machine is staring at him
    like hungry lion.
    4(Islam): When we die and are lying down in a
    box digged into the earth. We will
    be waked up by angel and start
    asking us what we beleive on, what
    is our faith.

    many more.......(later next time,ok)

    I hate this habit of many people who compare the idea of a fiction with real life. Matrix (the movie) has nothing to do with Islam. Dont mix islam and fiction in this sense.


      i wish i could send you a vedio of myself after reading your article .i probably never laughed so much . what has this got to do with islam . lets not mix it .


        ok this one was a hard one to decide..religion or films?

        Since you're analyzing a to the movie section...Check there.