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Looisie Woodward and Manjit Kaur Basuta : Racism in US

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    Looisie Woodward and Manjit Kaur Basuta : Racism in US

    Looisie Woodward was a white nanny who killed the baby of south asian by accident. She got free.

    Manjit Kaur Basuta was a south asian nanny who killed baby of white by accident. She got life imprisonment. Basuta, 44, faces 25 years in jail.

    Entire Britain was shouting for Woodwards and funds were collected. Manjit Kaur also happens to be British citizen. But who cares for a south asian sikh woman?

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    ZZ wont you agree with me that people in this forum dont like talking controversially.

    As for that lady being accused of murder, well im as sure as hell convinced that their was rascism (take it from OJ). Its funny how people talk about the animosity between India-Pakistan but truth of the matter is Indian Pakistanis are more related culturally than the French and the Brits. If ya goto England youll find that even between the Pakistani and Indian communities their exists quite a bit of tension, like Indians wont buy stuff from Pakistani shops.

    The reason why we dont hear of rascism in the states is because the S. Asian community is a minority within the minority colored people (well in the states its almost down to 60% white - 40 colored). White people will never accept S. Asians as their peers, despite how much we try and fit in to the American way of life (and ive seen plenty of Pakistanis acting really nice to white people or trying to socialize with them and looking down on black people).

    I think the only way we can combat rascism is when we stop acting and living with the whites and start making up our own communities. I dont think brown people are even proud of our color deep down... Thats why we got all those skin bleaching creams. You have to love yourself before others love you.

    thats all folks

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      I agree with some of your posting, but I don't think that living in the western world among whites you'll never be able to stop 'living' with the white ppl and start mixing more with your own community.

      The problem with racism have to be dealed with from the root.

      I believe that the media has the biggest role to play in ppl's conviction of racism. The majority of ppl can easily be modulated by the strong media. I've seen this happen in Denmark over the past 10-15 years where ppl's mind toward coloured ppl and Islam have changed toward a negative view only becuase of the medias attention to the negative views and thoughts of ppl with another culture.

      We have only ourselves to blame for this neagative view. If we,as a minority, don't speak up when there is a case like the one mentioned in this topic, we will never be able to change the western worlds oppinion of coloured and mulsim ppl.

      The solution to rascism is to fight back, but intellectually.

      Allah Hafiz


        Slm Amer...

        I have to agree with you that the best way to combat rascism is through the media and intellectually. Only problem is is that , i dont know about denmark, but the media is strongly controlled by Jews. The media needs a 'bad guy' ever since the fall of the Soviet Union and the muslim world is the perfect fit. One last thing, muslims tend to cling on to their religion more so than any other immigrant communities, and i think white people resent that.

        But youre probably right about me being wrong on brown people forming their own communities. I guess i got carried away.


          A heart-breaking experience for the parents of the child, and a difficult situation for Mrs. Basuta.

          what people did in Britain for Louise Woodward was not necessarily based on their desire to see justice done.
          I think it would be prudent to have a look at the facts of Mrs. Basuta's case before arriving at any conclusion, and btw she has not been sentenced as yet.
          I hope JUSTICE prevails!

          As for racism, it exists in all cultures, and all societies. It is, perhaps, more prevalent in south Asia than anywhere else.... Ask any minority living in India or Pakistan. In Pakistan, minorities by law are second class citizens.

          South Asians living in the west, as a minority, do experience discrimination / racism - only difference is that, by law we have equal rights, and enjoy a lot more freedom of expression as compared to south Asian minorities. Racism we experience in the west is subtle, not as crude and violent as south Asian racism – probably because the two societies are in a different stage of evolution.

          But lets talk about us (south Asians living in the west). We are not exactly white lilies ourselves when it comes to racism…. Are we?

          I am black (I don't know where brown comes from? may be light black is brown in US) and I am proud of my skin color!!!!
          But one must learn to love all creation of Allah. Gross generalization of any race(including whites), religion, or culture is a bad idea.
          Unity in Diversity! Sounds good?
          I do appreciate your thoughts though.


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