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Good & Bad "news" of your LIFE

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    Good & Bad "news" of your LIFE

    Hi Folks;

    Here is a new and interesting topic.
    For me..first..ok ok Good news..
    when my parents told me that they r presenting me a sports cycle tomorrow when I was 18...yaaaahooooooooooo
    Bad news...ummm ..yup
    When my beloved maamoon died in Haj (tragic).

    So c'mon fellows..keen to hear from U

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    good news hmm let c.
    good news non as yet.
    bad news. the news of my father's uncle death in the zia's plane crash.
    he was the only person in my life in whose foot steps i try follow.


      bad news: the pains of life
      good news: overcoming the pains of life


        Bad news when my Dada abbu died

        Good news hmmm jab hmmm sirf good news or the best news??

        Tehro wait wait one sec. naaa .....Uff bohut si haiN kis kis ka bataeiN

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          Both yet to come


            bad news: When my best friend jamal died in an accident

            good news: there are so many good news in my life and still coming


              good news: too many things to list that happen often (thanks to Allah)

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