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Guppies .. and how I see them.

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    Guppies .. and how I see them.

    Ok .. I don't know how to explain this .. but in my mind I always assign a face to anyone whom I havn't seen ..So likewise I have a face for every guppie in my mind.

    I mean, whenever I come across the guppies by the way of their posts
    or whatever .. I can see a face. For me it is their identity. The faces can vary from that of celebs to completely imaginary ones. Some of the faces just flash in front of my eyes the first time I come across their names(ids), while for some I give a face only after I know them better after reading their posts or whatever.

    So here are some of the faces ...

    Pyari ci gudia --------- Demi Moore( from ghost)

    Baba G --------- Amrish Puri .

    Muzna --------- My 5th grade math teacher

    phat_gurl --------- My 11th grade math teacher

    bored in brisbane ------ Heath Ledger

    funguy -------- Ryan Stiles ( from whose line is it anyway)

    Diablo Kazaam -------- Colin Mochrie

    nykhansahib -------- Seth green

    Hayaa -------- Ria Sen( budding bollywood actress)

    Mehnaz -------- My 11th grade physics teacher

    lussi -------- Shoaib Akhtar

    Asif_k -------- Yousuf Yohana

    Matsui -------- Some chinese guy who appears in commercials.

    Xchornix -------- One of my class mates from the high school

    proudpakistani007------- Zeba Bakhtyar

    Hiccup -------- Chelsea Clinton

    Lone Ranger -------- George Bush jr.

    Lajawab &
    Armughal -------- Colin Powell

    ~Sehar~ &
    Carebear -------- Topanga ( a character from a disney series 'Boy meets world')

    Gamma Dilation -------- Dexter ( a cartoon charcter )

    Fret Wizard -------- Twitty ( a character from a disney series 'Even Stevens')

    Furqan -------- Saurav Ganguly

    Thap -------- Albert Einstein

    SweetPie -------- Heidi Klum

    Munni -------- Amrita Singh.

    Rvikz -------- Nawaz Sharif

    RajPut Fury -------- Ajay Jadeja

    Kareem -------- Heather Locklear.

    Gadha -------- Naseeruddin Shah.

    Gohan -------- Jerry Seinfield (spelling ?)

    Spock -------- Johny Depp (spelling ?)

    Gizzy -------- MPomelelo Mbangwaa(spelling?)( Zimbabwian cricketer)

    Ahmadjee -------- Satish Shah ( Actor )

    The new cooldude -- Some detective typa figure .. who has a hat on .. and a long over coat .. face ain't visible.

    PakistaniAbroad ---- Baloo ( from talespin)

    Mad Scientist --------- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam

    Fair&Balance ---------- Laloo Prasad Yadav.

    Ehsan ---------- Shawn Pollock ( south african cricketer)

    Vanity_fair ---------- Princess Jasmine (from series Alladin on disney)

    Muni ---------- My mom (dunno why)

    Sheraz CT ---------- Gulshan Grover

    Sadzzz ---------- My lil cousin Sadiya.

    Praetextatus ---------- The exorcist guy( from the movie exorcist)

    Dai sista ----------- Martha Stewart.

    the_indian_teen ----------- Brad Pitt

    Chegum ------------ Adnan Saami

    Destinee ------------ Julian Moore

    BoSS ------------ Eminem (really dunno why)

    Lastknightess ------------ Xena .. warrior princess.

    EntityParadigm ------------ Ed Harris

    Minie me &
    Number 2 -------------- Dr.Evil from Austin powers.

    Hanie -------------- My Mumani (my aunt)

    Desimunda ------------- The kid from Wonder Years..

    Wake_up_dead ------------- Ross( from friends)

    Xara ------------- The swan princess.

    S_k_n ------------- The goblin from Spiderman.

    List is endless . I wud stop here now. If someone is offended by my thread, I am sorry . This isn't meant
    to hurt anyone. It is just me and my imagination(weird one).

    *more to come*

    Re: Guppies .. and how I see them.

    Originally posted by Chandbeti:
    funguy -------- Ryan Stiles ( from whose line is it anyway)

    Kareem -------- Heather Locklear.
    But I thought Kareem was a guy?
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      zeba bakhtiyaaar

      kia main itni buri haon


        Re: Re: Guppies .. and how I see them.

        Originally posted by MehnazQ:

        But I thought Kareem was a guy?
        He is .. it is just that he reminds me so much of her.


          For those who don't know Ryan Stiles aka funguy, here I am...



            ^ are you just as tall?

            Chandbeti...these are hillarious! Topanga?? lol!!
            said CareBear


              CB, how tall is he?


                6'3 or so...


                  Quite! (looks over 6 ...on TV at least.)
                  said CareBear


                    I am 3 inches shorter but way cuter.


                      Originally posted by CareBear:

                      Chandbeti...these are hillarious! Topanga?? lol!!

                      Topanga .. yeah a lead character in a disney series for kids.


                        ChandBeti: uss buRRhiyaa kee baiTTee jo chaand par baiTThi charkhaa kaat rahi hay
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                          Originally posted by funguy:
                          .. but way cuter.
                          I doubt that...



                            Ryan S. is hilarious, but I luuhve Colin Mochrie and it's not just because he's Canadian.
                            Diablo could only wish

                            Who's ria sen? and also, who's nawab sharif? :halo:


                              who is she? and why??? >confused<
                              rubber band rubber band rubber band rubber band rubber band