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I am Bored........

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    I am Bored........

    i am bored.

    Salam. My name is Ahmad and i am 15 and live in UK. i am in year 10 and have summer hols now a days.

    The thing is this i have hw to to over these hols but after a 2/ 3 jour of doin hw i get bored and have nothin to do. i some times have play pool or chess on yahoo but after a while thts borin aswell.

    I some times go to play squash and cricket with my cousins but u cant do this all the time.

    i tried talkin to people on gupshup chat thingi some months a go but, 4 some reason no body talks 2 , hm.... any way

    plz help. Any suggestions... comments...

    Thanx in advance.

    + is there any way tht i can change my sign i thought pakistani falg will come up moving when i first added it


    Here are some suggestions for decreasing your boredom!

    * Read some book
    * Watch TV
    * Simply open a new thread in GS... related to any topic u like
    * umm... go to GS chat

    Hope these help u!
    *c h a m k e e l i * a n k h e i n*


      go do drugs .. and yes they are cool
      hamein to apno ne loota gheron mein kahan dam tha....mera scooter wajja wahaan jahaaN rashh kamm tha......


        Sparkly Eyes thanx

        1 i have finished 2 books today
        2 nothin good on Tv any way my cousin is watchin harry potter for the 15th time
        3 i have opened 3 theads in Religion thingi

        Gamma Dilation: no i dont do drugs.... only loosers take them

        Any more stuff 2... any body


          Participate in the antakshiris going on in GS Cafe
          *c h a m k e e l i * a n k h e i n*


            Originally posted by Gamma Dilation:
            go do drugs .. and yes they are cool

            hur koi tumhare jaisa nahi

            Welcome ahmad
            ~ ... palat k har taraf se kyon nazR us shaks per thehrii?
            wafa k silsilo`N kii wo, musalsal inteha thehra


              WHO said gamma takes drugs? that was a suggestion .. stop jumping on him ()
              thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed: