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    Is this some sort of a joke!! All the oldie goldies turning up at the same time?? First KashmiriGirl, then Nova and now ahhh they left the best for last!! my dear dear Dehatan ji. It is so good to see you online, no really, I'm such a silly girl because I just saw a post by you and I almost jumped.

    If you knew how much your presence cheers me up, you'd never pull your two-year-long-disappearing-stunts on me!!

    Please stay a while this time.

    *a really big hug*


    Aray ye PM keya hota hai and how the heck does one open/read it??

    Ye keya zamaana aa gaya!!

    Mujhko toa tum bus chiThi hee likha karoa and vo bhee dakiye kay haath bhaiji huii. I probably won't even know how to email!

    Kaisee hoa? *smile*


      aww, just click on the inbox link you see above.

      mai bilkul theek hoon, aap kaisi hain? I would send a letter through a mailman but like ghalib has said 'dai kay khatt munh daikhta hay naama-bar, kuch to paighaam-e-zubaani aur hay'

      That would turn out to be the situation since my khatt wouldn't even begin to adequately express through words what I would be saying. *big grin*

      kahan ghaaib raheen?


        Tanga business keeps me very busy but now I am no more a, just out of school novice! *wink* so, thought should try to visit again! *smile*

        Kucch logoaN kay saath, "Rokay zamaana chaahai rokay khudaii..." waali baat hoti hai! *smile*

        However, I don't know how I will go about this High Tech gupshup! *frown*!
        I guess I will just come to general and cafe like I used to and look for Known faces. By the way, what is Nova ji's naya roop? Would be interesting to read and respond to his post because most others seem a bit...err... naya zamaana for me!

        Ah! keya Ghalib yaad kara diya! *smile* I think Saturday night koa, ya din koa if you have the time, please post some Ghalib for me!

        Ab kahoa gee, accha hee tha she was gone! *smile*


          who is this dehatan i say!
          Simple ain't easy.


            It's not that Hi-tech! It's more or less of a qalam and davaat concept, you'll be just fine!! *winks*

            No more a just out of school novice eh, funny I feel the same way about myself. :grins:

            Nova ji maybe back, but he may not be either. He hasn't confirmed our doubts yet. I think he's just playing with my head, knowing I'm a bit psycho and all, I guess he enjoys watching my head spin in circles. :nono3:

            Acha hay that you're back! I hardly ever pick up my divaan-e-ghalib, unless of course it's a request from you.


              hayaa stop making a fool of urself. I dont like my family memebers acting stupid even if it is online
              hamein to apno ne loota gheron mein kahan dam tha....mera scooter wajja wahaan jahaaN rashh kamm tha......


                Welcome Dehatan G.....

                Introduction please, If any one cares ....

                Khush Raho

                میں نے تجھے اس عمر میں چاہا تھا اے ارض وطن
                جب شعور آج کی صورت میرا بیدار نہ تھا


                  :-) Dehatan ji, khushaamded.. purani likhayee say andaaza hota hay ke aap BARI theen uss zamaanay ki to :-) .. sochtay hain ham log bhee ke WAPIS wohee milaingee dehatan ya nahi .. :-)

                  welcome back..
                  thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


                    welcome dehatan ji...hope u will like ur stay at this "digital gupshup"...


                      is that really u??

                      welcome backkk


                        Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay

                        Ya Allah Bhagwaan ko bhi Muslim bana day ...


                          Originally posted by ?:
                          Now I am waiting for Rubiya Noor !
                          Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay

                          Ya Allah Bhagwaan ko bhi Muslim bana day ...