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    salams everyone....long time no see... :-) hope u r all doing well...

    been in touch with some of my friends thru PM but i thought i'd come and say hi to those guppie friends with whom i havent spoken at all recently...hope u guys r all doing well and thanks to those jinhon ne muj ko yaad kya it was nice to see k kisi ne yaad rakha...i miss everyone a lot too..and to those whom i havent had any contact with....i have not forgotten u...and inshallah we'll talk soon...

    hmm...Allah k fazal se i'm doing totally fine...just been busy with a lot of stuff....

    i was sposed to go back to pakistan after graduation but not anymore :-/ plans have changed n now i'm staying in the usa to do a masters...

    mummy was here and she stayed for a was really nice..but she left last week...i'm staying by myself in a studio on campus these days lol...its a new experience i guess but alhamdulillah its good :-)

    ummm...hmmm..lets see...what else...

    oh yeh, i'm trying to change my entire lifestyle and habits...become more organised...waste less more GS n MSN for me.. :-/ i miss GS a lot tho...maybe in a few months when my life gets a bit more sorted n some major things i have to get done get done then inshallah i'll come by sometimes but tab tak k lyay i wont be coming on GS to post...ijazat ki darkhwast hae aap sab se...

    hmmm....dont have much else to say i guess.... :-) take care everyone n keep in touch...

    Rab Rakha


    hey hi...salam
    waqaee...long time no c...but i wasn't here either...
    so how have u been....


      wsalamsss irem
      aj ka din mashAllah bhut achaa haa jis ko yaad kar rahein hain wohi mil raha ha
      wowww achiii baaat k u r doing mastersss good for you *kiss
      wowwwww aunti abhi tak yahin hain
      tu phir tu mazay hi mazay hain na
      irem i 'll pm u apna khayaal rakhanaaa
      n missing u
      jaldi jaldi say ana aur msn pay bhi :~)


        irem baji....may U and we all enjoy a very successful life
        say *ameen*
        Hello Pakistan...!!!


          irem baji

          kaysi hayn aap??

          aap kay PM ka replya karna hay....karonga jald hi insha-Allah....

          aaj kal mayray exams chal rahay hayn..tuesday tuk exams hi exams

          kheyr...aap ki post parh kay bari khushi huiee...

          wish u all the best

          take care
          Allah hafiz

          PS: yes post kuch PM jaysi nahin hogayeee
          "maybe u weren't born to scale mountains, or stop wars, or draw a masterpiece. maybe ur purpose in life is greater than that, you'll touch a heart, make a friend, and give someone so much happiness, u'll feel like u've lived your life." -dewani teri


            welcome back irem sis..
            ~BadlooN peR baseRa~


            ( ._.).(._. )


              Best of luck with everything

              I'll miss you

              and sohny too

              rishta baad mein kar lengey



                kaisiiiiiiiiiiiiii heinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

                bus jaldi say farig hoon irem bajiiiiiii.....i miss you

                mera pm mila tha kia
                Im MARRIED...wohoo


                  Originally posted by dewana tera:

                  PS: yes post kuch PM jaysi nahin hogayeee

                  yahi soch lkar mein nay khuda hafiz nahi kha tha


                    what field for your Masters did you finally decide on?


                      iremmmmmmmmmmmmm wb




                          just now i was thinking about u, i was like where the heck is irem appi, haven't seen her around and then here i see ur post! glad to see to u r doing well and hope to see u back in action here at GS!
                          Bless you.


                            heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy irem

                            nice to see you back

                            i really miss all your posts in my thread and all those antakshri with you

                            I hope to see you back with vengeance soon

                            take care and have a nice time

                            Allah Hafiz



                              Gosh yar... i missed u so much ... so glad ur bac... well mayb not properly ... but it felt really gud 2 read one of ur posts ... i totally understand the break bit... been contemplating doin the same thing myself

                              neway janu ... jahan bhi raho hamesha khush raho

                              take care of urself

                              Allah Hafiz *smoooooch*