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Please sign my guestbook and slambook!

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    Please sign my guestbook and slambook!

    what's up peeps? after such a hard i finally upload my webpage. how would you guys like to sign my guestbook and slambook.

    the link is:

    hope u sign my books.

    "even if u r not hungry just be greedy"

    Okay but I couldn't get to the slambook


      anari4ever adab
      unable to get to your web page getting error message:
      File Not Found

      The requested URL‘’ was not found on this server.

      The dead link orginated from



        i'll give u the link again and hshtsa every thing is working.dilse may be your browser didn't support that.

        try this link:

        or try this

        "even if u r not hungry just be greedy"


          Respected anari4ever

          I have visited you site.

          I am a new learner of computers/internet/ webpages.

          I want to download any programme which help me in playing videos of any news/any cricket/hockey match or any trail of movies. If you help me for the purpose, I will be very thankful to you.

          Nisar Malik

          My e-mail number is

          [email protected]

          [This message has been edited by Nisar Malik (edited July 31, 1999).]


            hey Nasir M.,
            if u want to play games just download shockrave and realplayer for the movie trailers and songs and u can get indian songs and stuff from the link i have on my page. to get to the bolllywood world visit this my sit and check the links out i have lots of indian get a realplayer visit this site:
            u could get other kinds of players and stuff.
            and get the shockrave from this page:
            when u click on the game u get a message about downloading the shockrave thing.
            thats all i know about games and stuff.


            visit my homepage at(@)