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    Searching for options?

    I would like to ask those knowledgeable in the field of Computer Sciences a simple question.

    I am looking to take a part time program in either e-commerce or Object Oriented Programming. I already have a bachelors degree but this is something that I would like to have to enhance my career and job options.

    Those who post here can be of great help if they can write about what they do in either field so that I can get an idea of what each of the two options entails.

    Thank You

    Give without expectations

    have you taken any previous course in programming? cause starting out with object oriented methodology might be a bit hard.


      Kya Haal Hai,
      Well, I think that you can probably do OO programming, it may be a little hard but it will be worth it if you know in what context (work setting) you want to use it.
      E-Commerce on the other hand, is a good knowledge to have, but how will that help you?
      But they both seem like a great idea to me, why can't you do both?

      Talk to you later.


        Your thread has been moved to the Technology Section where you might be able to get some knowledgable advice.....

        Good Luck!!!