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Just wanted to get some feedback from the members….

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    Just wanted to get some feedback from the members….

    Lately we've had some borderline posts with suggestive topics, innuendoes and use of terms that could become inappropriate. Though many of these threads have been very witty and enjoyablethey do create a moderating dilemma.

    My problem is we've got children on this site as well as those that are not as mature.if we allow things in certain areashow do we justify not allowing it in others. In addition, many members can not understand why it isn't allowable in their case.though the tone in their case maybe entirely different.

    One last comment there are other sites which do allow these types of comments....however gupshup has chosen to have a different atmosphere.

    Kashmirgirl:I see how it can be a dilemna in 'drawing the line' persay but, as you are saying that the guidelines are given, I think that they should be followed as closely as they can and when a unique case arises, it is the responsibility of the moderator(you) to make a decision, make a call, do whats right...
    I think that you have the power to control and regulate what is appropriate as a deciency standpoint because there are many minors out there...

    Fi Aminallah


      Sometimes it could be quite difficult for a moderator to single handedly make a decision without running the member off or to create bad feelings as a result of the decision. Therefore, if a major problem is seen or is in the works, then the moderators collectively need to arive at a solution. You'll(pardon me for my texas twang!!) could probably have an online meeting or even the moderators forum and discuss the issue.

      Later on


        Slm Kashmiri girl..

        Since im new here and since i have been quite active in posting new topics im very curious to know if im guilty of what youve just mentioned. I know you dont want to point any fingers but id like some feedback myself... Anyways i didnt know about the kids and i do apologize for my rudeness.

        And k2PK i agree with your suggestions.


          The job of a moderator is certainly a tough one. But you are doing a fine job. Really!
          And thanks for being a moderator in a tough world.

          Bahut hi uttam kamm (A very good job)!

          Rab Rakha.


            Hi Kashmirigirl

            I respect your viewpoint.
            I think it is very important
            that we keep the forum ' Pak-saaf '
            I went to a new site ePakistan..
            and the language was so obscene
            I reverted back to my favourite
            web-site !!!


              I agree with zman with the addition that you may also discuss the closing of thread with the person posting that topic or send an e-mail at the same time to that person giving him/her the reason for closing.


                Thanks k2pk, ZMAN, allstar, Jat. sallama and JAK for you responses.


                We actually do discusss many of the issues in the mod's forum (as well as alien abductions) and this topic has come up. However, I like to get input from the members that my decisions are going to affect....which is why I brought up the thread.


                In general..the reasons are obvious when their posts are edited or closed....if there is a question, I usually write a message. I tend to avoid personal correspondence.... I don't have the time and the issues are in the public forums and all members should see what isn't acceptable and why they arent.

                Thanks again for all those that responded and also to those of you who read the thread.

                [This message has been edited by kashmirigirl (edited July 24, 1999).]