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What is in a name? An appeal to all Nationalist Paksitanis

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    What is in a name? An appeal to all Nationalist Paksitanis

    I just called the PIA office in New York and the phone was picked up by the answering service. They were advertising Pakistan, its beauty, its hisotry, etc. Every time the person said Paksitan, I cringed with pain. I had never expected the name of our country to be mutilated in such a manner by our own national carrier. It was pronounced Paaykistaaayn with that typical American drawl. Fine they do this on CNN or any of their media but on the phone service of PIA the pronounciation should be correct.

    I brought this up with the office and I got the following lines. First, the answering service has been resourced out to an American firm so we don't have any say in it. Well PIA is paying these people and they cannot demand that a Pakistani record the messages or at least they pronounce the name right. The second arguement was what is in a name. Well our name is an integral part of our identity and we should not sit silently while it is being mutilated by our own national airline. Finally, she said that we use the American pronounciation so that Americans recognize the name. First I don't know how many American are calling PIA and even if they are, what better opportunity to teach them the right pronounciation of our country. CNN has an excuse..they are an American conglomerate..what is PIA's excuse.

    I urge you all to call in to PIA NY office and complain about this:
    The General Manager there is Hamid Khan and the number is 212-370-9170


    Dard adab..why dont you send email to the PM,you can get it through,he is the person who should know what his people are doing to Pakistan overseas....This is his email address..[email protected]


    In view of increased mail traffic and in order to ensure efficiency, the email of the Prime Minister has been categorized as follows:

    1. Greetings 2. Request 3. Complaint 4. Suggestion

    Please ensure that any of the above category is clearly mentioned in the subject field whilst you write to the Prime Minister.


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      You are right. The correct pronounciation should be *&^%^&*(.

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        Reagen I wonder where you learned your manners from...


          **Drop the expletives***

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