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    Generation X

    We did not have any name for the generation before WWW II era. Those were the ones who would work on their parents’ farms during school summer break. We did not need to. They were part of great depression anyway. Who would pay attention to them specially the war broke quite soon after.

    Post WWW II era gave us a new breed of generation, and based on some very unique circumstances and characteristics people of that time shared, also an opportunity to name it. Yep, the Baby Boomers. In a time of complacency after the war, a freer time after school without working on farms, this generation gave us concepts like “free love” and “hippieism”. Those were probably the best times around to live in. The 50s and 60s (ever saw the movie “Greese”?). Where the hell was I then?

    From 70s through 90s, we have a different kind of “free time” after school. While both Baby Boomer parents are working at their jobs to increase their wealth, and giving us even a new term like “yeppieism”, the next generation has a “freer” time on their hands than their parents had. This generation, loosely termed as Generation X is the one going to provide social security for their Baby Boomer parents when they become senior citizens. Although with the enormous number (I think it’s roughly around 40%) of Baby Boomers, every body is confused how the hell is that going to happen?

    The freer time in the Xers brought us skateboards, diversely and flamboyantly colored hair, guns, and rings piercing through every possible and impossible parts of body. I don’t get it: Why name this generation? Baby Boomers, yeah, but why the next generation? Are we, later on, going to have Generation Y or Generation 2X and so forth?

    I think Xers are bright. With all the confusion and violence that they seem to display, I think they will make great parents when their turn comes around. Why? Because their upbringing is part of a more stable system (I know the concept itself is debatable). They don’t have that sudden sense of complacency that Baby Boomers had right after the war… which gave a sudden rise and downfall to hippieism. It was like a prisoner set free suddenly after years of confinement and in the uncertainty of his happiness, he just starts doing different things out of surprised joy.

    Most importantly, Xers tend to take their time in experiencing life… Because they do have that time. And when that time is over, they’ll be equally sensible. I betcha.

    I know the above sounds a paradox and lack any logic, however, I do think we underestimate Xers. Free time is the all we give them, not the freedom of our understanding.

    What do you think going to become of Generation X, and why?

    X-generation will learn from the mistakes made by the ex-generations and try to mend the world spoiled by their fore fathers.
    P.S. Yep. I saw the movie Grease


      true true true, Generation X does have the most amount of time*and bot do I know the meaning of the word waste )
      I think that the more sucessful individuals' have been ones who had a greater drive and ambition than the normal individual...Roman bhai I think you are right that there are more oppturnities for Xers then for baby boomers because life is not simpler but rather easier to deal with...but there is also greater competition, it realy isn't a lazy life if you want to be sucessful, I mean you can be 'mediocre' and still get by but to be at the top you have to paddle like hell, it is harder because there are more people that have the same oppturnities and so more competition fot the same spot...

      Will we be able to support our parents as they did us...I sure hope so...