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Pakistanis and Respect !

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    Pakistanis and Respect !

    Well i have to say that in our culture respect for the elderly is a really big thing. Some words in Urdu exist that symbolize that respect for ex. Aap or Tum

    Anyway my problem is the hypocrisy that exists in our society... Why is it that the rich and middle class people speak so rudely to poorer people like rikshah drivers when they are way older???

    i think u'll have to change ur views.
    in my opinion middle class ppl r not rude to rickshaw drivers or poor ppls.
    bcauz they know wat poor ppl problems far as rickshaw drivers r concerned they can never rude to them bcauz its the only respectable way they can afford.taxis r damn expensive there .
    and rich ppl don't trvel in rickshaws bcauz they have their expensive cars for this purpose.
    if by chance they have to use any public transport they prefer cab.

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