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Public bathrooms in the East

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    Public bathrooms in the East

    Guys i have a slight problem...

    Whenever i goto Pakistan i find that using public bathrooms is a real pain... esp. when it comes to havin to do #2.
    I think Pakistan should introduce toilet paper ... well at least when it comes to places like the airport..You see the use of water is unhygienic and water flows easy and makes life very difficult...
    Im sure you all agree with me.

    allstart adab,,agr ya ho jayee to har ghar may ap ko toilet paper mila ga,aur public bathroom ma pani,shaid mil jayee....



      Salam Allstar

      I was wondering if I should reply in a seroius matter or just make fun.
      I think all foreign pakistanis have been through this indeed very dramatical experience.
      But from a medical point of view water is actually more hygenic as long as you remember to wash your hands.
      Imagine those tourists who never have seen a toilet like that and certainly not without toiletpaper!!!!

      Allah Hafiz


        Water?? unhygenic...????????????????
        thats a new one for me.....
        water and no toilet paper is much more hygenic then toilet paper alone. Now the ideal would be toilet paper and water. Besides, your wudu is not valid if you did not wash #2 with water anyways............
        so how can just toilet paper be more hygenic??


          You guys are right on..

          Well youre right about water being more hygienic but dont you just hate it when you go into a public bathroom and you find the floor as well as the toilet seat covered with water.I think they autta ban water in such places.

          In my university just before Friday prayers we have some arabs that before they do wuzu some of em decide to take a dump. And when they usually can be seen (now i dont want you to think im spyin or anything like that) taking in a coke can filled with Water or some of the people actually use the water in the toilet bowl to do their cleaning... Disgusting eh??

          Well i guess we will never be able to solve this problem ...
          Thanks Dilse and Amer for your replies and since im new you cant imagine how desperately i wanted replies for my post.


            Dear Allstar, first of all a hearty welcome and a big jhappa (hug)!

            Second of all, what a topic! Reading about it makes me wana get kab'z.

            Have you ever heard of Dhela cleaning. Forget about toilet rolls, and Lotta cleaning, nothing beats a Dhela method. Ask anyone who has ever lived in a village in Punjab, s/he will tell you. It is fast, it is easy, it is free, and it is hygienic.

            Welcome again.


              All future references to dhela cleaning should be forwarded to Ahmadhi Bhai. He's the Web renowned expert in this field. He will also provide training sessions at a modest fee and should be contacted directly for further inquiry and informative (not to mention illustrative) booklet.


                Oh Gross! What a topic!


                  When I was in college and living in the dorms, I happened to be on the floor with the nastiest people. The bathroom was always disgusting. It so happened that they had built a brand new wing in the library and in the basement was a brand new, hardly ever used bathroom. I used to take a 1Litre bottle of pepsi or something as a lotta, very pleasant.

                  However, the best bathrooms are the ones for handicapped people. These are the bathrooms that you can lock from the inside and are meant for use by one person only. If you're lucky enough to find one of these, don't tell anyone about it, this will be your private bathroom. At work I have found one of these bathrooms on an obscure floor where no one goes. This makes my life a lot easier.

                  Anyhow, that's that.



                    So do you also park in the handicapp spots because the 'regular' spots are too much of a walk?



                      There is a big difference between handicapped parking and handicap rest rooms. I respect the law when it comes to handicapped parking, disabled people might have a difficult time covering the distances when they are out of their car, hence, I do NOT park in handicap spots.

                      When it comes to handicap rest rooms, I don't think it's fair that those rest rooms be used ONLY by disabled people. I have to go as bad as any disabled person might want to go. If I have to wait for someone, they should have to wait for me. Besides, what happens when there are two disabled people who need to use the same handicap rest room, doesn't one have to wait anyway? Does that mean that the disabled person who got in first is harming the other disabled person waiting outside? I don't think so.... Besides, I have NEVER in my life gone into a disabled persons restroom and come out to see an actual disabled person waiting to get in.


                        I would like to comment on this, but I don't want to be the only girl. (-8


                          Hey Guys

                          This post wasnt meant to be taken this seriously. Aahmed dont you think it would be useful if you learnt the art of using toilet paper (you might want to try 2 ply as a beginner). Anyway id hate to think that youre havin such a hard time at work....

                          I can only imagine what youd do Aahmed when youre on the road and you gotta take a dump..and Mcdonalds is the only place available. Dont tell me youre gonna buy a large size coke and sneak it into the bathroom.

                          Zara dont worry i didnt mean males only when i said guys...



                            Man...."allstar"....whats up with this Washroom seem to be gett'in some attention to it though.......that's funny though cause itz sad you could'nt think of a better itz not funny to know what problems your hav'in ......Cause nobody wants to know what you perfer as your washroom cleaner when you wash you A$$................................

                            sorry bud but this topic is just Disgust'in....nothin personal................



                              Dear Brother Dirty...

                              Well its too bad you didnt like my topic but hey you got me ole man cause i really did want all the attention and hopefully this post will get 50 replies.

                              Besides im tired of posts on relationships and marriage and politics so i guess this is a nice breather (HAH)..