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Auf Wiedersehen!!!

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    Auf Wiedersehen!!!

    Sehr Geehrte Freunde Gupposhens!

    Ich werde im Schwetzingen, (Baden Wuettemberg) Deutschland, von July 16, bis Aug 6. [A little village off Autobahn 6 near Rivers Neckar and Rhine. Famous for its Schlosgardens (castle gardens) and for its white asparagus. White asparagus, how exciting!!!]

    Ich werde im Sud bleiben, Frankreich. Von July 26, bis July 30? im Sudwest und apres ca in die Bergen (die Massif Central--[Gross mittlen Bergen, Concoules]). Ich bin nicht der Ahmadikonig (yes, Ahmadi King)aber wenn du dreissig Silberlinge mich geben wirst, werde ich vielleicht der Ahmadikonig verleugnen. Ich bin nicht frisch angezogen, sondern der Dom ist nicht weit von hier.

    Ich weiss warum ich so traurig bin!

    Unsere Katze ist gestorben. Er hiess Bruder und er war eine sehr Nicekitty.
    Meine Tochter ist sehr traurig. Sie weint, und klagt etc.

    Hast du Kopfschmerzen?

    Auf Wiedersehen!!!

    Translation for non-punjabis:
    Off to Germany (southern part) and France (southwest and south central) for 3 weeks. Summer vacation with in-laws. Mother in Law is not very well, therefore we will probably spend more time with her than travelling. See you in 3 weeks. Leaving July 16th, back on august 6th. Stay out of trouble.

    Herr NYA,

    Is icht true? You are leaving Gut Auld USA for der smelly climes of Europe? Das ist zehr Krappen****e! Ich reqvesten das you nicht eating der filthy schweinne in front of your sweet Mater in law. Regarding my reqvest in ze correct manner if you please.

    Zeich Heil!


      Have a nice trip, NYA.


        bonvoyage NYA.. we will miss you...


          I don't know whatever language that was.....but got the idea that..sada veer sahurey jaa ria ay.. NYA, saaliyaN da pakkeya kha kha ke jiyada mota taza na ho javeeN

          Have a nice trip..



            Punjabi/Urdu translated into English translated into German. . .Come back safely, we'll miss your 2 cents.


              Heute ich habe nich viel geld!
              Die kartoffeln ist sind!
              der Furerr has gesagt das arisk race is much gut than punjabi people!


                NYAhmedi adab...what do yo mean translation for non punjabis,does all punjabi know this language.....




                  Have a good trip, the weather in Europe is really good at the moment, I'll be in Germany for a few days on business too - lovely place. You should pop over to the UK too.

                  Xtreme - very funny!


                    Awww we'll miss you around here, have fun. And No I wont stay out of trouble I deserve a lil fun this summer, dont you agree?? .
                    take care


                      Kee bujharataaN paoNde ho Sahib Ji,

                      German nu Punjabi kehnH lagg payE ho. Sali jaroor sundar howEgi (like Chan Mahi bhra said, don't get fat with the German sausages and beer, of course served by the sali(s)).

                      Have a nice trip/vacation if that is.

                      Rab Rakha



                        Khas kam jahan pak, even if it is for three weeks