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Courtside seats at Wimbledon

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    Courtside seats at Wimbledon

    In my opinion only a handful of guppshupp members have balls. If some others do, they don't show them. Balls are also very unevenly distributed, with women having a bigger share than men participants.

    It is very invigorating to see that some of the female members possess bigger balls. As a fellow enthusiast, I just wanted to pay my respect for their "service" to guppshupp. I like when an ace is hit, however, I feel that more aces are needed. Daysee Behna comes up with a good serve once in a while. She needs to practice her backhand and topspin. She is at ease with large crowds and spectators who come from far away places, just to see her play.

    I also think that among male members, Adbulmalick has a very good first serve, but he lacks experience in cross-court volleys. Although his returns are good, but he needs to concentrate a little more on his drop shots. He shows mixed courtside manners. He suffers from PMS (Players' Madness Syndrome). His ranking has been steady over the years.

    NYAhmadi shows excellent manners, and is a serious ball player. He needs to improve his psychological warfare tactics. He is good at giving his best to the game. Lots of stamina. I like him.

    Asif and Mr. Xtreme are a good doubles' partners. They need to improve their coordination skills, as sometimes one cuts in front of the other, which can be a dangerous maneuver. They are better at grass courts, but don't do as well on hard surfaces. They do carry most of their matches into the 5th set, but lack stamina for prolonged duces. They display bad courtside manners, and call opponents and Umpire names. They loose their concentration by getting angry. They also want to play by their "own" rules. In some contests, one of them threatens to leave while the match is still on.

    Some other players have decided against going pro. There are so many of them. I think they should go competitive.

    I think Roman is a good Umpire (or Empire), but sometimes his calls require to review a shot in slow motion replay. Isn't technology great? I like it when he comes down to earth from his Godly high chair to yell at the players. I like his calls (more) when it is against the opposing team!!

    I am waiting for mixed doubles.


    John MaC

    P.S. I also would like to express my respect to the spectators, and the kids who throw the balls back to the players. You know who you are.



    really cool!
    Simple ain't easy.


      In mixed doubles ...... many teenage girls are ready to play but only at the amateur level ...and not at the pro level .. they r not as courageous as maybe a stevenson or dokic !

      Although NYahmedi has earned a good reputation as a singles player .. but still is a flop in doubles since most of his first serves r aimed at his own partners head rather than the opponents court ! j/k.

      Ironman was thrown out from the tour due to his lack of respect for the organizers but that guy cud serve sum bullets down the line

      Dilse is a fine serve n volley player .. but lacks the return of serve which is vital for winning matches

      Roman n BoSS r the best doubles pair around as both have a good service return n BoSS has explosive serves

      i wudnt say bout myself cuz its moi who runs the show!!



        Ha Ha! good one....

        Well, I have seen a lot of come backs but mostly it has been like a Monica Seles return...they should have been dead when the were stabbed from the back...
        I think a lot of players have the talent but they lack guts when it comes to crucial points....something which seperates boys from men....
        I have worked hard for my Agassi rep...I've a good understanding with Brook Shields but now she is just a friend ...I'm looking to enter in mixed doubles but only if i can find Martina Hinges....or may be its not the right place...BoSS is on his way to Switzerland



          Ha Ha! Nice concept!

          There are some natural doubles partnerships here...

          NYAhmadi and Ad bulmalick are a natural pair-up. Originally from Pakistan but seeking US citizenship. Good at attacking opponents who are on the floor, but yet to be tested against top class motivated oposition. A Vietnam type scenario should provide a better guide to their capabilities. Might collapse like Salman Rushdie under Xtreme pressure.

          Queer and ZZ,

          Good at playing on foreign surfaces. Like to undermine the opposition with a war of words, hoping to psyche them out before battle actually begins. Very vocal at promoting good relations between players but a few probing ground strokes can quickly unveil a rampaging monster of a team, hell-bent on demolishing all neghbouring venues. Exceptionally good backhand (and under-hand) shots.

          Fanatic and Nationalist

          Good shot-making abilities but tend to rush in for the kill too quickly, leaving themselves exposed to the sneaky counter-attack. Good forehand hitting but need to perfect the defensive lob. (it's a tough world out there guys).

          KK and msaqibj,

          Nice combo of penetrating hitting power and bludgeoning brute force. Never know when they are beaten. Definitely contenders for this year's title. Save their best efforts for matches against ZZ and Queer.

          Dilse and Humse,

          Playing a defensive game at the moment. Might need to acquire a more ruthless streak to go all the way. Crowd favourites who don't want to lose their broader appeal.


          Wild card entry who hits out in every direction. Hasn't found a suitable partner yet, as he is a bit haywire and finds co-ordinated play a bit of a problem. Doesn't know whether he is coming or going. Think Goran Ivanisevic.


          Just a ball boy.

          Rest of Gupshup,

          At the moment sitting in the stands spellbound, waiting to see which side cracks first. Currently of the view that playing is to much hard work and getting a ticket for the finals is the next best thing. Strawberries and cream anyone?


            Dear Mr. Xtreme,

            Although your analysis of the present caliber of the players is pretty much right on the money, BUT, as usual, you ignore to acknowledge the FEMALE sports(wo)manship. Here are some of the best female pros, with balls. Those have not been mentioned already:

            Felicity - Great return, needs to work on aggressive serves. Has potential to win all grand slams.

            Kashmirigirl - Only plays comfortably on high altitude courts (Himalayan). I wonder why is that. She appears to display competitive spirit and meanly sense of engagement.

            Naiklarki - I don't know what to make of her. She does have a talent but she is too busy pursuing other interests. She will be a valuable player in the pro circle.

            Munza - I think her decision not to go pro is not a good decision in the long run. She possesses all the elements to be a good ball player.

            Camille - She is by far the best on hard court surfaces. She does need to work on her return. Often she miscalculates the drop shots. She is not good at long points. She has a killer serve. First much better than the second.

            And Nadia (22 or 21 fame) - She was a good player. Took early retirement. She is missed.

            Then there are so many others who just need to come out and give it a shot. Overall, all players are good and do win a game or two occasionally (except you and Asif).


              Hi NYA,
              Thanks for the complement for my hard court game but you have me in the wrong category (female)!! Unless I'm supposed to be in the mixed doubles.

              But I think my best chance is in the mens doubles partnering Achtung when he gets back. But I guess you've found me out now, I did'nt want anyone to know my gender because I wanted to see how one got treated if people were not sure. I guess I can expect some real s*!t from you and a few others in the religious forum (I notice you take it easy on the females!!) or think of another no gender specific nick! How about 'Violet the organgrinder' or 'Joey coco'? (anyone get the connection by the way).

              take it easy....



                I didn't mention the ladies because I didn't want to come out with a load of patronising guff which I didn't mean - like you just did. I don't watch much ladies tennis cuz I tend to get distracted by the short skirts and long..erm...I think I'll leave it there.

                I'm sure you catch my drift. I'll leave it to you to analyse the good ladies in greater detail.


                  NYAhamadi, this is a classic one!!!


                    Ananya... a natural player on grassy plots
                    With a poetic touch to her shots
                    For some extra flexing on harder patches
                    She occasionally holds exhibition matches
                    Winning them hands down by default
                    (as her male opponents)
                    either get distracted by her short skirt
                    or call her a 'kafir' and leave the court.


                      Okay...this post gets voted best of the best from me....



                        Kewl beanz!!!

                        (okay back to work)
                        2 weeks until release!!!!!
                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          Am definately working on the aggressive serves these days, won a couple this week .


                            Zaraatif is practicing her serve on the sidelines, jumping up and down, trying to get noticed by the talent scouts!


                              I had nooooooo idea i was partners with Dilse. hehehe