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Is it worth it!!!

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    Is it worth it!!!


    O.K. you know this site as you know is great we all come here and write whats on our minds and what do we think of certain issues. But did it ever struck you that we are all wasting our time on nothing! As a example: lets say that i put on a new topic about pakistan and its current situation, we all will write what should be done there but is that what pakistan needs just to write what we think and forget about it>? Dont you think something should be done phsicaly? What ever topic is posted here is only being read by people who are registerd here thats it and it just stays there until some new topic comes and we all turn our attention to that topic and forget about the last topic that we were discussing isnt that just waste of time? Sitting in front of computer wont change NOTHING, now if you all were asked to do something about pakistan phsically most of us wont participate(reasons: family, kids, education, love with duniya, etc.)
    If we cant do something for pakistan what is the purpose of us writing here which we cant change what ever we write here does not effect pakistan in any way! is it just fun or getting our anger out because of situations that are developing in pakistan or is it that we like wasting time???

    Till Then ***K_I_S_S***


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