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    I want to ask you somehting. i am a "westerner" or whatever you guys wanna call it. why is it so looked down upon to be western? ok some values here are not the best but then again we also have great technology and other things, that could be very useful. The clothes. i am a girl i where "in clothes" but they don't have to be mini skirts and short shirts. my clothes are just a bit bigger in size as to not be revealing. i have tons of friends and am involved in activities, but i have never touched a drug or alcohol. I am not considered a "loser" or a "dork" i can still uphold my honor and be "cool". Yeah i know that there are problems in the US and i am not defending them, but pakistan is not too much better off. Maybe its just a question of ethics, i don't know. i am not a patriotic person but i must say that if i had a choice as to where to live and be brought up, i would've picked America. I would like to know your thoughts on the matter.
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    hi 714 (interesting name)

    Anyways your answer off course pakistan is far far away from where USA is! Maybe as you said its ethics but Muslim world have no problem with you American "people you ordinary people not envolve in politics those people im talking about!! Only problem i think muslims have with west is that their governments! Now you are goina to ask what did government did well alots of things!! i will just talk about pakistan and how is being influenced or force to except some ways of life which are not exceptalbe in pakistani minds!! first of all the books that are thought in pakistani schools are checked first in UN to see what kinda material the include if they have anything to do with Islam it is not to be used in PAKISTAN most of the polices pakistan foriegn or domestic are made in UN or IMF yes!! Do you think they have the right to do that>>??? Pakistan is independent nation and it should be left alone to decide its future dotn you think>>? Then if some political leader of pakistan doesnt listen to what the IMF or UN or even the government of USA has presented they go ahead and call the that country a terroristic country which is absolutly wrong!! TO USA ALL IS THAT IF YOU AGREE WITH THEM EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG YOU WOULD BE CONSIDERD HERO AND IF YOU DISAGREE WITH USA EVEN IF YOU ARE RIGHT YOU WOULD BE CONSIDERD ENEMY AND TERRORIST NOW WHAT IS THAT IS THAT HOW WORLD SHOULD BE RULED!!! other countries are countries with people living there you just like USA and those countries are not puppets which you can make what ever you want them to act like!! i would go on but i should wait for more people to respond so we can get this thing going and the thing you said about cloths is well it all depends on the environment and the culture you live in yes it does dont you think!!!>?

    Till then ***K_I_S_S***