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Working in Pakistani universities....kucch advice chaahiye...

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    Working in Pakistani universities....kucch advice chaahiye...

    Assalamu alaykum!

    Guppies...I've been SOCHing for a while ke main kyon nahin pakistan chala jaata aur wahaan jaa kar kissi acchee university mein lecturing kar loon? Being in the medical science/bio-engineering field main Aga Khan Uni aur NUST aur deegar science institutes ke baare main soch raha hooN...after my PhD

    par wahaan ki kya kuchh tanhwaa milee gee? (One of my jaan-ne waalas did a phd from London Univ. in maths and then got a job as an assistant prof. at LUMS--he was getting 80, 000 rupees/month.)

    Is that good by pakistani standard?

    What is LUMS? is it in Pakistan? 80000 rs. salary!!!! If it is in Pak, and if LUMS is govt. owned, I don't believe it.


      Dear ZZ,

      Lums is private. It is a very reputable business school. All Lums MBAittes get hired (for top notch jobs) before finishing their diploma. It is a good school by any standards. I visited there and I was impressed. Even the faculty is well published and well respected in academia. I am not surprised at high salaries. My younger brother works for a German bank in Pakistan and makes pretty much what I make here in NY. Hard to believe? It is changing now. But you are right to mention that Government sector still is far behind the private in terms of salaries and perks (there is a lot of "Rishwat" (bribe) though in Government sector, which you can't beat).

      Dear Asif,

      Going back to teach will be a great idea (as long as you don't lecture them on Islam!). Are you at London U? I took two courses at SOAS, as part of my graduate work. I also lectured at UCL briefly. 80000 rs is not bad salary by Pakistani standards.

      Good luck whatever you decide.


        Asif Sahib...Rs80000/-is about $1600/-for Pakistan,if you have your own house and a good car,i think it is a good salary,you can have atleast 2 servant working in your house,cook and driver, but you wont be able to see any naha ka nikal na wali larkian..are bhai phir mazaq per utar aiya..naraz mat ho na bahi,,just kidding




          Thanks for replying!

          An indian friend of mine said that on the whole ZZ salaries are higher in pakistan than in india. then again, this IS a private place.

          I think I will do a phd and definitely go--though i don't think LUMS [Lahore University of Management Sciences] will have me--i'm a biomedical engineer and know ZILCH about management; well not zilch but near enough!!



            Not long ago I saw some job openings at Hakeem Saeed's University web site for Professor of Computer Science and related subjects and the salary was same 80,000 per month. I think from pakistani standard, it is a very decent salary when considering the living expenses.


              Asif, u said 80000 Pakistani Rs (i.e 64000 Indian Rs) for a assistant prof. This is definitely a high salary. A associate prof. may be getting a lakh pakistani rupees and god knows how much a full prof. gets.

              But this is a management place. Since u r a bio-related guy, i wonder if u will get as much. normally, they will be paid enough so that they do not go for private practice.

              These salaries are definitely higher than in India. In India. I have seen young people getting upto 30-35000 in computer sector/electronics. Of course, management guys may be getting money. But assistant professor getting more than 12-15000 will be a surprise.



                I dunno if you ever had a chance to read the post on relocating to Pakistan in the Marriage Forum, but I will like to advice against moving to Pakistan solely to work.

                If you've spent majority of life here in the US, then it will be major culture shock for you and the family. Especially since you want to enter in to the workforce, I think you'll face some major obstacles due to the lack of responsibility and productivity of individuals.

                Pakistan is probably the best place to relocate to if you're financially sound and can live there without getting involved in everyday hassle of earning a living to sustain yourself and the family.