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Princess Misha'il - DEATH OF A PRINCESS !

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    Princess Misha'il - DEATH OF A PRINCESS !

    The true story has been narrated by a cousin of Princess Misha’il. Please note – it may not be suitable to all.
    Misha'il was the granddaughter of Prince Mohammed ibn Abdul Aziz, the same Prince Mohammed who had been passed over for the crown because of his father's ruling that the ferocious behavior of a warrior had no place on a throne.

    While I did not have a close friendship with Misha'il, I had met her at various royal functions. She was known in the family as a rather wild girl. I thought perhaps her unhappy temperament was related to her marriage to an old man who failed to satisfy her. Whatever it was, she was miserable and became romantically involved with Khalid Muhalhal, who happened to be the nephew of the special Saudi Arabian envoy to Lebanon.

    Their love affair was hot and filled with the tension caused by the impossible social climate of Saudi Arabia. Many members of the royal family had heard of their illicit relationship, and when the young couple
    were on the brink of discovery, they made a fatal decision to run off together.

    My oldest sister, Nura, was in Jeddah at the time and heard the story firsthand from a member of Misha'il's immediate family. Misha'il, fearing the wrath of her family, attempted to stage her own death. She told her family that she was going for a swim at their private beach on the Red Sea. Misha'il piled her clothes on the shore, then dressed herself as a Saudi man and tried to flee the country.

    Unfortunately for Misha'il, her grandfather, Prince Mohammed, was one of the shrewdest and most powerful men in the country. He did not believe she had drowned. Officials manning all exits from the country
    were alerted to search for the granddaughter of Prince Mohammed. Misha'il was caught-intercepted trying to catch a flight from the airport in Jeddah.

    Telephones were ringing all over the kingdom, with each royal professing to know more than the next. There was a rumor a minute. I heard that Misha'il had been set free and allowed to leave the kingdom with her lover. Then I was told a divorce would be granted. Later, a hysterical cousin called and claimed that Misha'il had been beheaded, and that it had taken three blows to separate her head from her body. Not only that, Misha'il's lips had moved and had called out her lover's name, causing the executioner to run from the scene! Can you imagine, my excited cousin asked, words from a bodiless head!

    Finally, the very real and ugly truth was made known. Prince Mohammed, in a fit of anger, said that his granddaughter was an adulterer and that an adulterer should submit to Islamic law. Misha'il and her lover were going to be executed.

    King Khalid, who was our ruler during this time of tragedy, was known for his indulgent nature. He recommended that Prince Mohammed show mercy, but mercy was not an agreeable emotion for that fierce bedoum.

    On the day of the execution, I waited with my siblings for news. My sisters and I hoped or a last-minute reprieve. Ah, not surpnsingly, expressed the opinion that adulterous women should submit to the laws of Islam and prepare themselves for death.

    On that hot day in July of 1977, my cousin Misha'il was blindfolded and forced to kneel before a pile of dirt. She was shot by a firing squad. Her lover was forced to watch her die. He was then beheaded with a sword.

    Once again, unsanctioned love had cost two young people their lives.

    The affair was hushed up, and the Al Sa'ud clan hoped that talk of a young woman murdered for the simple act of love would soon disappear. It was not to be. Though buried in the sands of the desert, Misha'il was not forgotten.

    Many Westerners will recall the documentary about her death, called, appropriately, Death of a Princess. As divided as our family was over her punishment, nothing compared with the arguments and hostility generated by the film.

    Having comfortably mastered the role of dictators, the men in our family grew furious over their inability to control the news releases and films shown in the West. Offended to the edge of madness, King Khalid
    ordered the ambassador from Great Britain to leave our country and came close to kicking out all the British citizens from the kingdom.

    Oh that is sooooo sad !!! How could someone be so cruel, ordering their own grand-daughter executed??!!

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      Why the hell did they get her married off to an old man in the first place?


        Dear Adbulmalik,

        I saw that movie over ten years ago, thinking about it still shocks the hell out of me. There are a lot more instances of female abuse in the Middle East that go unreported. Women are treated like animals in some parts of the world. It is a shame that rich nations give such governments so much attention and even go as far as offering them protection, simply because of oil. Oil is the biggest lan’at (curse) on the Arab World. The sooner they run out of it, the better it will become as they will learn their lesson – of showing respect to all their citizen, and not just males. I have read that Saudi Arabia is the biggest violator of female rights, other Arab Gulf Nations are making progress in this area. Slowly, but surely.


          It is amazing that when the own family of the House of Saud is involved they will go to any length to protect their dignity. They made the British government bow to their protests over the showing of this film. Yet when it comes to the muslim ummah and protecting muslim lands these fat sheikhs are scurrying around brown-nosing the Brits and Americans without a peep of protest. The starvation of Iraqi children and the massacre of 200,000 conscripts was as a direct result of air-strikes launched from Saudi soil.

          BTW, for those like NYAhmadi who keep harping on about female abuse , have a heart and give a thought to the poor guy who lost his life too. The one who ran off with the princess. It could have been your kid.


            Dear Mr. Xtreme, amazingly the gist of your and my message is pretty much the same. I am in total agreement with you (this time). Don't get any wrong ideas!!


              Was this movie based on a true story?

              I think this is more like a propaganda against the Muslims.

              Do you guys remember a movie some time back, in which an Irani guy married to an American girl, they had a baby girl, then that Irani guy abducted the baby girl and ran away to Iran..................
              In that movie they showed how badly Irani People abuse their women......

              Any one remember the name of the Movie?
              Was this movie (the later one) also based on the true stories?


                sub ka baap....the name of the movie was "Not Without My Daughter" starring Sally Field. Though i haven't seen the movie but I read the book. And I must say! A very well written propaganda against Muslims


                  Nisha, NY & Xtremist:
                  When I read this story, it really saddened me. I ached for the couple who paid the ultimate price and for the thousands of Misha'il whose story remains untold.

                  This is a TRUE story; the actual execution was somehow videotaped by a British and smuggled out of the country. The narration of the story above was by a blood-cousin of Princess Mishail, in his own words.

                  These incidents or honour killings continue in Pakistan and elsewhere; for every reported incident, there are maybe ten-twenty unreported cases. Please, my friend, if there is nothing you can do then at least, please be aware of these incidents taking place.

                  Hum Sa...:
                  Sorry, don't know how the princess ended up married to the person; however, your guess would be same as mine.


                    hey guys any have read the book "THE PRINCESS" & PRINCESS DAUGHTER" both of these books shed light in this topic.the above incident has also been told in great detail.


                      Yeah i read the "Princess" when i was in 8th grade and even then I knew it was a very well written anti-Islamic crap


                        Yeah i read the "Princess" when i was in 8th grade and even then I knew it was a very well written anti-Islamic crap


                          yeah i know it is
                          but it also tells some truth


                            Yeah it does actually.