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    Hope Against Hope

    I know it is hard for the parents of any faith to accept their kids to marry outside their faith. But its been happening in a lot now.
    A long time friend of mine who went to UT Austin with me is a Moslem. She is marrying to a very close friend of mine. They are in love and dating for a year now. I have heard that Moslems can not marry to any other religion.
    This friend of mine (girls, she is my friend too) told us that she belongs to a different section of moslems called ahmdi or kadayani (something like that) which does not forbid its followers to marry outside their faith.
    Is it true?

    Because her parents told her that if she married to any one outside the faith, she would be considered dead for them.

    Why is it too hard to accept this for the parents living in the USA for the last 8 years?

    Theoretically, parents should either teach their kids from the beginning (She's been dating to people from other faiths for two to three years) or should accept the situations with open mind.

    Dear Deepak,

    Ahmadis are also forbidden to marry to people from other faiths.

    You are absolutely right. No one should have a right to tell anyone who to marry. Whoever dictates such stupid rules is either "unhappily married" him or herself, or just living in a cave. Also no one should have a right to tell people of same sex not to marry (i.e., gay marriages). Marrying someone is strictly a personal matter. Whoever thinks it is a public affair should be fed to chickens.

    Please note that the correct spelling is "Muslim", (not Moslem). The spelling you use are considered derogatory by many references.


      Well! NYAhmadi

      In the arithmetic of love,
      one plus one equals everything,
      and two minus one equals nothing.


        As far as I know, I believe that Ahmadi's are not allowed to marry outside their religion but I can't be sure since I am not one. And as for the whole issue of marrying outside ones reliogion, well their are many arguments their. I think its okay as long as the person converts their religion to Islam or whatever.
        C ya