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    Free Phone Call.....

    MediaRing Talk is an award-winning Internet voice communications
    software that lets you make FREE long distance and international
    calls from your PC to any other PC with Internet access and
    MediaRing Talk installed.

    The latest version - MediaRing Talk 99 Release 5.9 - is ABSOLUTELY
    FREE! There are no monthly subscription fees or time-based charges!
    You may use it as often as you like and distribute it freely,
    without paying a cent!

    ~~~~~~~~~~ KEY FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    MediaRing Talk 99 Release 5.9 is available as of April 15th, 1999.
    It's packed full of many new features, including:

    OUTSTANDING VOICE QUALITY - Hear it for yourself to believe it!

    24-HOUR CONNECTIVITY - You DON'T need to be online (logged on to
    the Net) to receive calls. MediaRing Talk will automatically
    connect you to the Net to take the call, and disconnect you when
    the call ends. No other software can do this!

    TEXT CHAT - You chat live, in real time! The text is color-coded
    so it's easier to read. You can even save the text for the entire
    session as a file, and edit it later with your word processor!

    VOICE MESSAGING - This is like your answering machine. When you
    can't take a call, or when your PC is switched off, your callers
    can leave you voice messages! This way, you'll never miss a call!
    If you prefer, you can also send voice messages to your friends
    instead of calling them.

    NICK NAME - Hide your real name from the other party by selecting
    a nick name to be displayed.

    AOL SUPPORT - Finally, AOL users can use MediaRing Talk to make
    calls while online!

    ~~~~~~~~~~ FREE DOWNLOAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can download your FREE copy of MediaRing Talk 99 Release 5.9
    by clicking on this link:

    Please remember where you save the SETUP file so that you can
    install MediaRing Talk 99 on your PC.

    After downloading the SETUP file, go to the directory where you
    saved it and double click on it. You will be guided through the
    installation process.

    Next, register online as a user: After you have installed the
    program, the Registration Wizard will launch automatically and
    guide you through the process. You'll then be able to call your
    friends, family and business associates - for FREE!

    If you'd like to find out more about MediaRing Talk 99 and the
    key features in Release 5.9, click on this link:

    ~~~~~~~~~~ FEEDBACK & SUPPORT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make
    MediaRing Talk more useful for you, do drop us an email at:
    <mailto:[email protected]>, or better yet, give us your
    views directly by calling one of our Demo Stations.

    If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us by email
    at: <mailto:[email protected]>


    Dilse Mian:

    After reading your long post I just have one question for you: Are you getting a commission on this?!

    Corny jokes aside, thanx!


      Ama Ghalib sahib..adab baja lata hoon...aj kal ka dunyia ma kisa ka bhala karo to logon ko acha nahi lagta hai...mere chacha ghalib sahib some one just send this to me and I thought of sharing with all my good buddys from gupshup..and what did i end up with....thomat,ap sa kohi shikayat nahi hai ya to duniya ka rasam hai mere dost.
      allah hafiz
      Ap hukum karan to main ya delete kar doon ka,I am a very easy going person,no arguments sir....just let me know....


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        Hahahah....Dilse yaar...

        Tum to dil par lay gayee.. may be thats why you're called "dilse"?!

        Don't delete it good that you posted it. I, for one, am always happy to hear news of potential money savings on INternational calls...Every month I think about taking an Equity loan out just o pay my phone bill...

        I tried Mediaring but last time I checked, it didn;t work with AOL. There's a conflict with AOL software and Media Ring ecplicitly states that. They might have changed it now. I will check them out again.

        Net2Phoneo offers PC to phone calls for 10 cents a minute. But the person has to call from Pakistan to US to get 10 cents a minute. If you initiate the call here to pakistan, its 79 cents.


          ama ghalib sahib..if you remember last time when you wanted to know wbout some good stock,I suggested you all to get citicorp stock,because it splitted 3 to 2 from $78/- to $39/-..I bought about 3000 stock,and so far doing good it is $47/- now.
          and in another 3 to 4 months it will be $70/-


          [This message has been edited by dilse (edited July 01, 1999).]


            I have it. Its excellent. Its worth having a decent microphone though.