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    Hey guys/gals

    Any thing to say on this subject,I am sorry if i am offending anyone,it is just debatable topic.


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    debatable topic ????? only if you wish to pass judgement on others' personal choice.

    You're obviously scared of making any remark since you dont know yet which way the women are gonna swing on this one - and then, you'll just swing in that direction.

    Ofcourse, another (very possible) reason is that the topic gives you a woody.

    Either way, I don't see much of a debate here other than your reasons for posting yet-another-inane thread.

    Dev "still-laughing-at-his-lack-of-initial-opinion" Uchka.

    Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


      Now, I may not have seen desi gals smoke but I sure have seen 'em in shorts; they still are a minority but they look bloody good in 'em.

      Will it catch on ?
      Yes, with non-muslims & liberal muslims.
      No, with orthodox muslims!

      Should it be encouraged ?
      With non-muslims & liberal muslims, it is a matter of personal choice.
      With orthodox muslims: Shorts would be against the Islamic dress code; would be good if exception could be made for sports.


        thats really upto the upbringing of the indivudual.....
        though very openminded and with no limitations i have never approached that part of the attire.......just cause its not something i would feel comfortable with ....
        ...however i have seen girls doing such stuff ......when i was in high school there were thesse two paki girls who used to reach highschool in a decent attire but changed it to something totally indecent for the rest of the day and then changed back again on their way home.....


          Oh, Nadia, you're so naik !!

          Its amazing how in one sentence, you call it a personal choice and talk about your open mind (pun intended).

          And in the next sentence, tout your own naik-ness while condemning the awaargee of the other two .... decent vs. indecent, utter rubbish ?? Whats indecent and apalling is the holier-than-thou attitude.

          Open mindedness ?? The irony here is thicker than most ppl's head.

          Dear, nothing is more unattractive than hypocrisy and spite ... and yes, you know what I mean.

          Dev "disgusted" Uchka.

          Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


            U know I gotta agree with Nadia here. I mean its your own personal choice. Although I don't have nething against shorts, I don't wear them cause I would just feel like an imposter in them. One thing I am definately against though, is when girls dress really decent, wear a scarf yadayadayada when they leave home and upon reaching the school premisis, a whole new them emerges from the washroom. In my opinion if you want to do something, do it in front of everyone. But then dats my opinion, u guyz can disagree


              So we can see some desi legs.


                I don't think it'd be good nazaara!

                Desi legs Vs Gori legs???? comparison

                but again

                desi seerat Vs Gori seerat ??? no match!

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                  I agree with Nadia21 and Nisha. You're correct Nisha. Its no point putting on decent clothes in front of the family and showing off to strangers. Basically its cheating on one's self.


                    Do i hear some dog barking......
                    wow .....
                    well never claimed to be NAIK at all....
                    totally abcd girl
                    and darn proud of it
                    man some ppl cant keep there paws to themselves......
                    but then how else would one suck up to the dear moderator .......

                    kg this wasnt intended for ya


                      Ladki has to understand that if mard say she not wears the short then she must not wear the short. Why this is verry hard for ladki to understand? I know that mard is more smarter than aurat but this is verry easy. What is happen verry much is that aurat is not listen to her mard. She is dressing like she wanting. Yes this is choice but mard must make the choices not aurat. But these auratain is dressing like they are choosing and not mard. Then they are complaining that other mens are treat them like kuch nahin. Do aurat understands why? it is because they not listen to mard. If they not listen to mard they are kuch nahin.Other mard sees this and treats them like they ask. First aurat is ask to be treat like kuch nahin and when she is treat like she ask for then she complain!


                        Nadia mimed:

                        > Do i hear some dog barking......

                        Its probably your inner voice.

                        > well never claimed to be NAIK at all....
                        > totally abcd girl
                        > and darn proud of it

                        another stereotype - ABCD girls can't be NAIK ??? is that what you're saying dear ???

                        > man some ppl cant keep there paws to themselves......

                        and others keep touching themselves.

                        > but then how else would one suck up to the dear moderator .......
                        > kg this wasnt intended for ya

                        ROTFL !!! Dev accused of making moderators' happy ... hahaha.. thats a good one. Tell me sweetheart, why do you always bring the moderators in the middle ?? can't debate on your own ??

                        Dev "debatable" Uchka.


                          Muqqadir, wake up, we are almost into the 21 century. Women actually get to vote now. And also it has been proven that women are smarter than men. They know how to keep their heads in an emergancy and have more stamina, will power and endurance that an average man. Now, I think with all those pros on our side, we should at least get a choice in how to dress !!!



                            Was..Is..and always will be. Enough said.

                            manix..i'd appreciate when voicing your opinion, you avoid making specific personal attacks...thanks. kash
                            Believe In Angels.


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                              i think, had the parents of the girls been lenient, explaining them the reason for making them wear decent clothes, they wouldve ended up in a better situation. they just might have been strict.

                              unnecessary strictness by parents, in purdah, is not only useless, but in 90% of the cases, harmful.

                              I know a widow who herself is one in a million, but one of her daughters is exactly the opposite. First i found out that she doesnt go shopping with mom, because she is ashamed of bumping into a friend with a dupatta on! ( note what is "pride" for her mother, is an "embarassment" for her ). Later on i found out that she frequently goes out with guys and loves having sex. I never was able to give a hint to her mother! sometimes i'd know where the daughters going yet i wouldnt be able to tell the mother to stop her. i strongly feel, had i told her, she mustve died of heart attack.

                              Its hard to find who is to be blamed. The mother thought she must be strict for a proper upbringing. The daughter is mature enough to have sexual feelings, but not mature enough to confront herself for deceiving her mother.

                              This is one of my most favourite subjects to study, and i usually ponder a lot over it. i end up in a strange feeling of dissatisfaction. i wrote once:

                              proud old mother in a dark room,
                              or the depressing stories behind her,
                              the naked daughter being played with,
                              or this poem which has to remind her,
                              the daughter who's lost in the lust,
                              or the mother who has to find her,
                              long verses of the holy koran,
                              that the daughter chants behind her,

                              theres something wrong somewhere,
                              and i'm shy to talk about it,
                              although it makes me wonder,
                              i fairly can not doubt it,
                              theres something wrong somewhere.