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FT Sport: Angry Protests in Pakistan

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    FT Sport: Angry Protests in Pakistan

    Assalaamu 'alaikum,

    I was forwarded the following newspaper article by a friend. It's unbelievable as well as saddening how some Pakistanis have taken to sport so seriously at the cost of others as well as themselves.

    ... small wonder why Pakistan is in such a slumber!

    ... too concerned over the conclusion of a game to worry about the dying and distraught victims of Kashmir and Kosovo.

    Has life become a game?


    Financial Times, 21st June 1999


    Angry fans burn Wasim Akram effigy after World Cup rout Pakistani cricket
    fans furious at their team's dismal loss to Australia in the World Cup final
    burned an effigy of captain Wasim Akram during a protest here on Monday,
    witnesses said. In the nearby city of Hyderabad, disgruntled youths burned
    tyres and pelted vehicles with stones following Pakistan's eight-wicket
    defeat in Sunday's final at Lord's, residents said. Some Pakistanis watching
    the final fainted, others burst into tears and one elderly man in the
    central town of Jacobabad died of shock, newspapers reported. In the central
    Karachi district of Nazimabad, witnesses said two dozen mourners bore a
    coffin in a mock funeral procession commemorating Pakistan's World Cup
    demise. Fans in this bustling port city tore up large portraits of several
    of the top players, residents said. Some called for an inquiry into the
    batting collapse which saw Pakistan all out for 132, the lowest total ever
    in a World Cup final. Fans even called for the arrest of those responsible
    for the humiliation and an eradication of the "pollution" allegedly
    afflicting the national side, witnesses said. Karachi police detained a man
    for beating up his brother who last week had named his son after Wasim
    Akram. Mohammad Ashraf, a 35-year-old shopkeeper, slapped, kicked and
    threatened to kill his brother Mohammad Akram when he refused to change his
    son's name after the World Cup fiasco, police said. The boy was named Wasim
    Akram after Pakistan beat New Zealand by nine wickets to qualify for the
    final. "My brother has gone mad. I still love Wasim Akram," a police
    official quoted the boy's father as saying. Police later released Ashraf
    after he promised not to harm his brother. The Pakistani skipper's home was
    pelted with stones, his family received death threats and his father was
    briefly kidnapped after Pakistan lost to arch-rivals India in Bangalore in
    the 1996 World Cup quarter-final. Australia's crushing win shattered the
    dreams of millions of cricket-crazy fans in Pakistan who had prepared
    massive firework displays and street celebrations in anticipation of
    victory. Tahir ul Qadri, leader of the Pakistan Awami Tehrik Islamic
    political party, called for a probe into the defeat and said players should
    be punished if allegations of match-fixing and illegal betting were proved.
    Several members of the Pakistani side are due to hear their fate soon with
    the imminent release of a judicial inquiry into alleged match-fixing in the

    Phew! Phew!

    This shows that our nation has so much spare time
    An epitome of illiteracy


      These lunatics should realise that it is this sort of pressure which leads to defeat in the first place. How are the younger players going to react?

      Someone in authority in Pakistan should make a call for reason. Let the President go on television and congratulate the team on giving a generally good display in the World Cup before the final. With a team of so many youngsters it was a good achievement to reach the final and be regarded as one of the three outstanding teams of the tournament.

      The final just came a bit too early for our youngsters. Maybe next time.



        I do believe that Pakistan should have won the final, the way that they´d played during these months.
        It´s pretty clear to me that some members of the team accepted money for this terrible defeat. Not only to embarres the whole team by this horrible result, they also humiliated their nation. We believed in them, and they let us down...
        ...ah well
        I still love our team!

        And ofcourse, the Kosovo crisis is so much more important, but really, honestly, what could a person such as I do about that? Or you perhaps? I donate clothes, money and things that they need down there. Can I do anything else? No.
        So please just let us enjoy our sport events.
        Even if we are crazy about cricket!


          Money, Money, Money, Yaar, forget these gamblers who care about their pockets more than the country.