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Internet and Motherhood!

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    Internet and Motherhood!

    Most of us living in a foreign land espouse some rituals as a way of foreign life. One such ritual is calling back home frequently or infrequently (depending upon income levels and other factors). I always called home every Saturday night (calls are cheaper after 10pm by my phone carrier) Sunday morning Lahore time to speak for a few minutes with my father and my mother. Now my ingenious younger brother has hooked up some Internet phone at our home in Lahore that is ridiculously cheap (like some 10 cents a minute). I now have long conversations with all my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, relatives, the woman who cleans our house, the gardener, the milkman and his son, and even the neighbors.

    My mother, a devout 5-times a day praying Muslim, tells me last night, that she wholeheartedly believes that people who invented computer (she means the Internet phone) will go to Ganat (paradise).

    She now gathers the entire Mohala (neighbors) near the computer and makes my kids and me talk to everyone on the other end. She now wants to set some time aside to teach my kids Punjabi (our mother tongue) on the phone. On the "Internet phone"! I think she just wants to b*&&^%$# with her grandsons. That mad woman!

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    Hey, u don't seriously mean to say that about your mother, do you ?? I mean okay so she wants to show you off to her neighbors but that is only because she is so proud of you and your kids. And as for the punjabi, well its pushing it (so is talking to all the neighbors deal) but I mean it would really hurt 'em to know a little of their language. But thats only my opinion. Give her break !!!

    U can't expect to have a future unless u let go of the past !!!


      Dear Nisha,

      That was my way of saying how much I miss her. You apparently missed the point. Thats ok. I love her so much that I can kick her in the butt. That fat cow!!

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        Koi haal Nai Tuhaada Vi Ahmadi Ji.....
        Apni Tarah DaaN ek Hi Piece Ho Tussi....

        Luv N Peace


          WatanaN di yaad ik anokhi hi bhawna hai. Te uston uppar abba tE ammi di yaad........

          Rab Rakha