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Eradicated of child labor in Pakistan is an example for the other countries: Clinton

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    Eradicated of child labor in Pakistan is an example for the other countries: Clinton

    American President Mr. Clinton admired Pakistan for eradication of complete child labor in football industry and said that by doing so, Pakistan has set a great example for the other countries.

    Deciding On the Base of Personal Feelings Tells How Low People Act at Controlling Positions.

    Wonderful !!!


      Wonderful.. so u do not see any kids serving or working in hotels in Pakistan, i suppose.

      But even if u do not do something, uncle sam's pat on the back is worth reporting in itself.


        First of all I did not post this thing up to show the people that Hey see I am happy because Clinton is happy with the child labor in Pakistan.

        If some people still have difficulty understanding the meanings of my post, then they should not let the others know about their own abilities to understand the simple things.

        Yes, there are kids working in the Hotels and restaurants in Pakistan because we are poor and we have to put our females and kids into work with us.

        You don't see any kids working in the Western country, you know why, because they have all kinds of money.

        You won't see any kids in the western countries distributing the newspapers at 4 am to make the money,
        You won't see any kids sleeping in the street in the western street because of the lack of housing.
        You won't see any kids mowing lawns in the western countries to make the lawns.

        All the child labor is in Pakistan because we are cruel.

        Deciding On the Base of Personal Feelings Tells How Low People Act at Controlling Positions.



          If clinton wants eradication for child labour, he must save some money from war, and use it for economic assistance of the poor families who have to send their children to work.


            Why should Clinton save money from war and help kids of Pakistan when Pak itself spends 28% in defence (or offence).


              Ppl one thing I don't understand is whoz side are you on here. In my personal opinion, its great that Pakistan has eradicated child labour. Although its not totally completely gone, hey u can't climb a flight of stairs in one leap. As for saving money in defence or offence, hey there are a lot of things governments can save money in but don't so letz leave it at that.


                Let pakistan save its defence budget for economic support of poor families, and provide free schooling to the children.
                Let clinton take the responsibility of defence of pakistan!
                Otherwise clinton should mind his own country!

                Eradication of childlabour will have adverse effects on pakistan's economy.

                A little boy works as a servant in my house. If we refuse to let him work for us, his widow mother and a young brother will probably die of hunger!

                So call it, Eradication of children who labour! rather than eradication of child labour!


                  Dear Nisha:
                  I am on Pakistan side and I agree with you that this is a great step towards the eradication of child labor in Pakistan. I am against the child labor by myself.
                  My point is when USA and other nations in the world have child labor in their own countries in different forms and categories then why do they label Pakistan for child cruelty?
                  That is the simple point I had in this thread.
                  I, along with you, congratulate the Pakistan government for eradication of child labor, at least in the football industry and I am hoping that there would be the days when we would eradicate the child labor in all industries.

                  Working in houses with their moms to earn some money does not come under child labor.
                  All we need is to understand our own duties. If we keep these kids working in our houses and do not do any thing for them and for their families then we are the part of this cruelty.

                  I myself grew up seeing people working in my house all the time, helping my family in household and earning some money. We send their kids to the school and I am always proud on my parents that they never consider these working families any less.

                  In my opinion working in the houses to earn some money does not come under child labor if the owner of the house is a nice person and understands his/her duties to be fulfilled to build a society.
                  But if the owner of the house is also like those who bash at their own roots and leave the country to get the asylum in western countries by making stories against their own country, then they can name this type of working help what ever they want.


                    Jewels of Insignificance, I think that the eradication of child labour will have a wonderful effect on the coming generations because they will grow up, perhaps in a household with not much money, but with their self respect and pride intact. I mean do you think, no matter how nice you and your family is to that little boy, that he actually enjoys his job ??? I would think not.

                    Perhaps the immediate years after the eradication may be hard, may be very hard, but in the long run, I think it will benifit us as it will create a nation whose kids will be proud and not under any type of complex.

                    I may be idealistic in these views, I clearly understand the fact that some households in Pakistan depend on the money that their children earn and that is where the government comes in. Instead of spending money on hopeless causes and war, they can use to have child support or free-education. U have to give a little to get some !!!

                    Also msaqibj, I think that the majority of child labour in North America is the child's own choice, not the choice of circumstance.



                      If it is true it is good....we pakis have a tendency to...errrrr... exaggerate things a bit...
                      So now we have to think of everyone getting health care , education , love and equal opportunity in life....long way to go....


                        Debating about Child labor without putting it into any context is like debating nuclear proliferation without talking about arms race.

                        (The following description excludes household workers for the purpose of this discussion. The household workers are a different category, and should not be considered an example of Child Labor. In some instances, the household workers are perceived as part of the family. In some that is not the case. Lawn mowers and newspaper delivery kids should also not be part of this discussion).

                        In Sociology of Development, the term "child labor" is a sub set of "Secondary Labor Market". Such is a condition that is developed as a result of a 'demand' for cheap source of labor. This type does not necessarily has to be a labor performed by a "child". It can be "migrant workers", "women", and "minorities". Those of us living in the developed (by developed I mean rich nations, not necessarily more civilized or better in any way) countries can see the examples of a 'secondary labor market' in fast food industry, in gas stations, in low-wage sector industries. Go see a McDonald, or a K-Mart in any big town USA. Minorities, Women, and Migrant Workers run such establishments.

                        Child-Labor. In Pakistan the reason for the exploitation of Child Labor is the demand by big multinationals (Nike, Adidas, etc.) for cheap source of labor for their products. These corporations don't give a damn about the condition of their workers. If a grownup is willing to do for the measly 2 cents an hour they pay to stitch a ball, they wouldn't care. Multinationals have created Child Labor in less developed countries, they must compensate those countries and those children.

                        Pakistan can formulate tough laws against those involved with exploitation of children also. In fact, it has started doing that. All hand loomed carpets exported from Pakistan are being certified to be free of any child labor by the government. I think that is an excellent step forward.


                          Dear nisha,

                          The boy at our house, is actually proud of his job, his self-respect is aided by the fact that he supports his family financially!

                          If we get him out of job, we will be responsible for him being pennyless, with no food clothes and shelter, possibly begging for money, or dying!

                          Life is not as easy as it seems to be on a couch surfing the internet! you can only realize poverty and hunger, when you actually experience it!

                          If you finish child labour, a major part of urban pakistan will die of hunger! it can only, and should only be stopped if they are provided with an alternatice source of money!!

                          what is better? a child working for money, or a child dying of hunger and poverty?

                          pakistan is not a welfare state, and you must have money in order to live, which you have to generate all by yourself! if you put children out of their job, how will it help them?

                          you remind me of an old humorous tale, where a man feeling cold, complained about it, and people , to save him from cold, threw him into the well!!

                          it is true such children do not enjoy their job, but they will NEVER enjoy hunger either!!

                          I proudly accept that i have been working for some time, on a cheap job, when i was ten. I had to do it because we were not financially well off, and i needed to generate my own money for my schooling!! now by a sudden twsit of fate, god gave us enough to call us "rich".

                          Suppose if you had come at that time, and stopped me from working calling it "eradication of child labour" , i wouldnt have been able to study, and reach this place where i am now!

                          Child labour can only be stopped , and should only be stopped, if we provide an alternative source of money, and free schooling to young children! and pakistan's economy does not allow that!

                          If america or bill clinton are really serious over it, why do they throw thousands of tons of wheat into the sea, rather than use it as a support for eradication of child labour?

                          Someone works for living, and you throw him out of job, to die, saying this is a good thing!!


                            Why should Bill Clinton help your children, when your leaders do not pay taxes, siphon money abroad, buy at Harrods as if there is no tomorrow, buy million dollor ugly necklaces, entire money from international agencies is siphoned in corruption, is it duty of US to help you out?


                              ZZ, get a life. Do you honestly think that all this isn't going on in India?

                              Child labour is a fact of life in third world countries, as pointed out quite impressively by Guardian Angel NYAhmadi. Even Arch-Villain, Jewels of Insignificance has made a valid point regarding the reasons for this phenomenon. It would be nice if Pakistan was a rich country and kids could just go out and play and enjoy their childhood. It's a shame that isn't going to happen coz those days are over all too fast.

                              The fact is, everybody's hands are dirty when it comes to child labour and that includes President Billy Boy Clinton and his multi-national free market economy.