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Admins, Owners and Authorities of TOPP, This is not a complaint, This is a NOTE

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    Admins, Owners and Authorities of TOPP, This is not a complaint, This is a NOTE

    inspite of repeated calls for sensible arguments from various members, you continue with your third rate methods, i feel sorry for you, because this will be the last time i'll tolerate this. Any more and I'll make your personal life hell for you. Internet is a vulnerable place and I've already tracked you down to your office which i shall not divulge here assuming you have the sense to realize the seriousness of affairs. Next to come shall be your letter of proposal for marriage to a female member here, over the

    Israeli jews make good hackers, so do their friends.

    I hate to do this, but you have been asking for it.
    This is the second time this particular member of Gupshup has delivered me personal threatening warning.
    This is just a note to your guys just to let you know that your GupShup is being used to threat the people.

    Again, I am not complaining, I am just informing,
    I can take care of myself pretty good but it is up to you guys now, how would you take care of your PAGE.


    [This message has been edited by msaqibj (edited June 25, 1999).]

    Stop whining and grow up, will you ?

    Don't say "Again, I am not complaining, I am just informing, " - whining is exactly what you're doing.

    For once, stop being a baby.

    Dev "who-finds-this-pathetic" Uchka.

    Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


      I see that you have taken action against my post reported by msaqibj. I would like to point out a few things, please do look into them too.

      Below are some sentences misused by msaqibj often in the politics and religion forums.

      >"moon pay ram ram aur bhagul main churee"<

      >"If you think killing the pigs is as equal as to fight the nastiest enemy on earth such as Hindus;...."<

      >"Hindus: The only danger to peace in the region"<

      >I am here to tell the people that there Hindus can not tell the truth.<

      >"there was a foolish nation called Hindu"<

      >follow the jews and prove them you hindus are true born slaves.<

      >Can any one tell these foolsih hindus that live prisoner is 1000 times better than a dead Hindu<

      >these Hindus claim some thing else but actually they are crooks inside<

      >it's been YOU hindus habit that deny every truth <

      >Every second hundreds of suckers born in India<

      >this born slave nation can not do and think any thing by themselve.<

      All these occur liberally and without any supporting reasons. Even Pakistani members have protested to his usages.

      In addition to this kind of stuff, recently, he has started addressing me as a "low life gay homosexual hindu insect". He is throwing around wild accusations that i use multiple

      >Mr homosexual promoter: by using different nicks, you can not make yourself a respectable member of this GupShup. Better get a life????????.<

      Neither am i homosexual, nor do i promote homosexuality here.

      My "threat" to him was in retaliation to one his favourite abuses after i had requested him not to use such language.

      Please do look into the matter.

      Thank you.
      Simple ain't easy.



        The comments that you have mentioned, though objectionable and pending reprimand, do not compare to the direct threat that you had issued.

        With respect to direct insults...please provide the title of the threads in an email message to [email protected] and we shall look into them.

        Thank you.