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Lonely planet (pakistan) travel survival kit, a shock for me!!

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    Lonely planet (pakistan) travel survival kit, a shock for me!!

    look at the 4th edition of this book and read at the page 40. it says...

    Women's right grew, bit by bit, in the three decades after independence, but they were cutt off at the ground by general Zia. His foremsot act of official misogeny was the Hudood Ordinance of 1979, imposing principles os Islamic criminal law on certain aspects of Pakistani law, including on adultery and rape.

    Pregnancy without marriage was presumed to be evidence of adultery rather than rape (THIS IS THE PART WHERE I GOT MAD THAT SOMEONE LITERALLY WROTE DOWN SUCH IDIOT SENTENCE LIKE THIS ONE), and as a woman's testimony was given half the weight of a man's, rape victims have often been punished for adultery while the rapist went free. Benazir Bhutto failed to modify any of these laws, and Nawaz Sharif has only allowed more of the same.

    I need your help guys, we have to protest what the lonely planet has written about our culture. Their webpages are

    we should stop this nonsense.

    shamas...adab...well the reason is because both of them are involved with each other... mazak kar raha hoon naraz na hoona...



      Dear Shamas,

      It is pretty true what the Lonely Planet has writen. And anyway, this is how most of the world sees Pakistan. In terms of Zia, don't you think that he had no right dictating laws to the nation. He was not chosen by Pakistanis, he imposed himself on us. He was a traitor, the enemy of Pakistan. His Hudood Ordinance is a step back to middle ages for Pakistanis.

      The women rights are being taken away more than bit by bit. They can't even go swimming topless.

      I agree that "we should stop this nonsense", if you mean the nonsense of Pakistanis for treating women like that.



        The women rights are being taken away more than bit by bit. They can't even go swimming topless.
        Toba toba ham Pakistani kitne jahil log haiN na Itni bhi ijaazat nahiN hmmm


          Maybe lonely planet was wrong to only post negative stuff (actually, I don't know what else they wrote), but unfortunately what they said about the Hudood laws is true. The fact that the law is that way should make people upset, I think.



            NYA..perhaps you don't mind if your sisters and mother were to go topless lekin yeh musulmaanoN ko zaib nahin deta---oh I forgot, you're NOt a Muslim.

            BTW, i'm not in any way insulting your maa behN..


              Okay people...

              Take it easy.. you know NYAhmadi is a joker, and obviously he's joking around.. no need to get all hyper. Grow up and focus on the topic... It's sad but true that this is how Pakistan implements Islam, its a real shame because the world will just take these things as a confirmation of what they believe about Islam being a backward religion. I hope that as time goes by Pakistan will realize how stupid their laws are and ammend them.


                Dear Asif,

                The biggest insult you can give me is to tell me "how to TREAT my sisters or mother". Telling me to let them go topless is a compliment, as far as I am concerned.

                I will leave that decision to my sisters and mother to make if they want to go topless. If they do, they will have my FULL support. I will even suggest them to go "full monty" (should they decide). And I will fight for their freedom of choice, rather than telling them they cant do this and they cant do that. (And by the way, what gives me the right or the authority to tell them what to do?)

                I didn't take your comments as an insult.

                Dear Nusaiybah

                Its not nice to call someone a joker. But I agree with you that we need to focus on the topic here. Which is Pakistani Laws and how they are devised to be unequal for two sexes.