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millenium party!

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    millenium party!

    yes, the time is getting closer, the first half year is over which started today. what i
    am curious about is what are you people going to do at millienium night?
    May be i will make celebration at copenhagen, specific at tivoli (funfair) where they are going to show spectacular firecracker all night long. it going to be great time for my part. what your plan at 31.12.99 night?

    I am just going to pray on the eve of " Millienium Night" that Please Allah-miyaN at least keep every BUG away from me during this Millienium

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      LOL Mahnoor



        Moonie ji I suppose you could S.W.A.T your BUGS with your chappal !!

        Actually this whole Millenium thing is a hopeless secular excuse for a hedonistic bash!

        Even the dates are wrong:

        1) Isa alayhi salaam were bron, according to the latest accepted findings about 5 BC [the Islamic scholars have differed on this point some putting it much earlier ]
        ..this would have amde the 2000 years in 1996.

        2) Even if we accept this is the Millenium, it will not be 2000 years until Jan. 1st 2001 as there was no year 0 in the Christian calendar!

        3) As Muslims we shouldn't be celebrating's NOt our ceremony! Hell, it's not even a religious event!

        4) WE should not be millenialists...

        Sorry for being a party pooper


          dear Asif!

          Yes, i ahve also heard that 2000 is already passed away, not quite when it happend, may be it was as you mentioned 1996.
          But forget those small details anyway. Look at the nations around you! They(the goverments) are planning to celebrate a HUGE firecracker at that night. So why not jump into this millenium stuff, guys? I will!!
          I am sure that that kind of celebrating is once time in your whole life...


            ASIF BETAY

            wesay tu app bohutt acchay hain....lekin agar app ball ki khal utarna choar daiN tu aur bhee acchay hu jaiN gay


              I plan to go downtown wit my friends and familia!
              22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                Asif is right, real millenium is january 1,2001. n e way, january 1,2000 will be just another day in the life...
                i will probably be sleeping at the time.
                "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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                  Jaar, paglo!

                  Tvanno hua ki aj kal? Tvanno samaj nehi lagdi ke millenium party bandde no jana chajda. Tussi kereho ke os den sona, jaar ah koi ghal karan wali. Bhai sahib, otto o. koshian banao.

                  Accha main challejan wan.