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US announces new rules for H-1B visa

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    US announces new rules for H-1B visa

    US announces new rules for H-1B visa
    WASHINGTON, June 22: The INS has stopped accepting petitions for foreign highly qualified workers for 1999 under H-1B visa
    scheme, but has allowed students and exchange visitors to seek employment in US, an announcement said.

    It said the INS has determined that the 115,000 annual cap on the H-1B visa category for fiscal year 1999 was reached on June
    15, 1999, based on petitions already filed. As of May 31, 1999, INS had approved 108,386 H-1B visa petitions.

    For 1999, 46 per cent of the H-1B visas were utilised by skilled workers from India while those from Pakistan formed only two per cent, the INS figures released here showed. China 10 per cent, Canada 4 per cent, Philippines 3 per cent, Taiwan, Korea, Japan,UK and Russia also got a two per cent share.

    The H-1B is a temporary visa category for non-immigrant workers that includes specialty occupations which require a bachelor's
    degree or higher and fashion models of distinguished merit and ability. Typical H-1B occupations include architects, engineers,
    computer programmers, accountants, doctors and college professors. Initially, the maximum period of admission is three years, which may be extended for an additional three years.

    In 1998 the cap for these visas was temporarily raised from 65,000 to 115,000 for fiscal years 1999 and 2000, and from 65,000
    to 107,500 for fiscal year 2001, while requiring a new H-1B worker fee of $500 paid by employers. The $500 fee funds training
    and educational programmes for US workers.

    The INS also announced the procedure H-1B visas for the remainder of 1999, through September 30. All 1999 petitions for
    first-time employment of H-1B workers that are received on or after June 15, 1999, will be returned along with the accompanying
    fees to petitioners.

    Petitioners may re-submit their petitions at any time and request employment beginning on or after October 1, 1999, when H-1B visas for fiscal year 2000 become available.

    For fiscal year 1999 petitions for first-time employment of H-1B workers that are received before June 15, 1999, INS will adjudicate the petitions and, if approvable, will grant the petitions with a valid start date of October 1, 1999, when H-1B visas for fiscal year 2000 become available.

    INS has published an interim regulation to accommodate certain foreign students (F visa category) and exchange visitors (J visa
    category) who are already in the country awaiting approval of an H-1B petition filed on their behalf by an employer.

    The regulation allows such individuals, and their dependent spouses and children, to remain in the United States while waiting for
    new H-1B visas to become available on October 1, 1999.

    However, they are not permitted to work or engage in any other activity that would be in violation of their F or J immigration status.

    Exchange visitors who are subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement are not covered by this regulation.


    Thanks dilse:
    It means I can not go back to USA now?
    Just Kidding