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    why do we like to hurt others intentionally by using harsh words? Why do we feel that we will win the discussion by personal attacks? And if the other person is not saying anything why do we pinch him/her to speak. And if the other person doesn't say anything why do we take it as our victory? Why do we want to be the last one to end the discussion. Why don't we think that we should have some manners to talk to the other person? Why can't we discuss something in a civilized manner?

    Why some people like to attack the others without any hesitations and don't take criticizm for themselves?
    WHY do they like to insult others?

    last question:
    Why do we get hurt by words? Why are harsh words too hard to forget?

    (I am kinda serious right now, so serious inputs will be appreciated. Esp. you! Khalifa )


    PS: Admin, I will wait till tomorrow, if you want you can move this thread. I will try using the search engine.


    There are two modes of criticism. One which . . . crushes to earth without mercy all the humble buds of Phantasy, all the plants that, though green and fruitful, are also a prey to insects or have suffered by drouth. It weeds well the garden, and cannot believe the weed in its native soil may be a pretty, graceful plant.

    There is another mode which enters into the natural history of every thing that breathes and lives, which believes no impulse to be entirely in vain, which scrutinizes circumstances, motive and object before it condemns, and believes there is a beauty in natural form, if its law and purpose be understood.


      Dee Dee,

      Thanks for being understanding.