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To buy or not to buy...

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    To buy or not to buy...

    This is for the stock market buffs on this forum.

    The technology sector has taken some big hits. Actually, "bit hit" is kinda understatement, but what do you guys think of the buying time for these stocks now. AOL, CMGI, MFNX have all gone south. MY portf. took a beating but still stands out of red, which is comforting.

    These stocks are trading at their lows. What do you guys think? Time to move in for the kill or stand aside and watch it dwindle a little more? Gurus, pls. post.

    I wont go for it,if you want to play safe,buy citicorp,it is a good stock to invest.



      I personally won't go for it either.

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        Ghalobh yaar, I bought some AOL in 120s sold at 140 and then bought more agian at 125....and now...look...I am loosing a bag full of money if I seel it now....I am going to wait though...
        It is ahrd to say what is lwo and high for INternet stocks...very risky stuff...

        One of my friends was in CMGI and E-Bay big time and was so down yesterday that did not get up to go to work.....very depressing I guess....

        I advice when it comes to Internet stocks...its pure gamble...

        On the other hand..Intel and Cisco have been my favourites always........and will be for a while I guess




          Well as far as Internet stocks go .... ppl are speculating on the untapped ( read) potential of the internet market. As a consequence P/E ratios are uin the 3 digits sometimes even 4.... which is ridiculous...

          Cisco, INtel , Microsoft, IBM, GE, SUN are technology companies with tangible assests, considerable revenue stream, and a comparitive IP ( Intellectual Propert) advantage in one or more fields.... consequently despite minor hickups... th elong term potential for all of those is fairly predictable and growing....

          AOL is an internet service provider with millions of customers - over time it is bound to do well.... ppl rarely desert en-masse from their choice provider unless they see a sizeable advantage ....We are presently seeing a market corrction for AOL where the stock price was specualitively positioned. Now the stock price is more reflective of comapany realities.... In time it is bound to do well....

          some others such as Netsscape MFNX etc etc .... I am not so sure .....


            hum, good to hear from all the stock ppl again

            Well ghalib like ChannManni said, it is a gamble so i'm not saying anything(i'm in the same boat with you in aol)

            but I agree with JackHandy that they should all grow though not as fast as we may like....


              with recent questiosn on stocks here... anyone ever wonder that playing the market is same thing as gambling.. i remmeber reading a muslims scholars comments on it some time back though i dont remmeber exactly what he said


                Looks like the traders read Jack's analysis. AOL shot up 10 bucks!