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What is 'hateful'?

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    What is 'hateful'?

    What does the membership feel is "hateful" behaviour?

    How do you define "hate-mongering"?

    Muzna, go read Political and Religious will get a good idea of what it is


      I hate injustice.

      I hate Liars.

      I hate thieves.

      I hate people who twist the truth.

      If this makes me a hate-monger then that is what I am.


        CM ...thanks....that's precisely why I was asking the question.



          [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited July 30, 2000).]


            well everybody, think I hate is false allegation,two faced people and people who tries to insult any one.



              This weekend I heard Clinton giving a speech to the University of Chicago students. What was interesting about his speech was that when he talked about Kosova he gave an underlying possible reason for this hatred.
              The reason was that most of us are fearful of what is different than us, we are fearful of people who have different opinions than us. And not understanding this difference creates hate and anmosity.

              What I see in the religious forms is everyone trying to preach or sell their opinion. I mean its fine if you dont agree with the other person, but it doesnt mean that you disrespect them by calling them names.

              I agree with what Rubiya jee, said that for most people its a competition to see who wins with their speech. This is not a debate competition where anyone is going to win a trophy, we are having a healthy exchange here.

              But some members forget that and therefore start spreading hatred, and its not only true in this forum but all over the world. Instead of listening or hearing the other person we shut them out cuz we think that they are directly attacking our opinions which in many cases is not true.

              I think that even if you dont agree with another human being on some issues, you still have the moral and ethical obligation to respect them until they personally attack you.


                Bravo... Ms. Felicity

                All we need is few level headed persons like you and me( ), okay we can include Rubyia & Muzna too ( ) And you wouldn't see one "Badtamiizi" in any forum?? right Khavateen????

                On serious note, discussions in forums such as religious/political where emotions are on higher level can be kept on very civilized and intellectual stage as long as people can accept the fact that "one can't achieve anything with force"


                  I hate myself!

                  Fata Morgana