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    By the Way......

    This page is to report something interesting and on the lighter side. Refrain from keep on discussing the ideas over and over but maintain the originality.

    The following was reported in one Urdu daily of Pakistan.

    As per a news item, reported in southern province of Jiran, Saudia Arabia's newspaper, 'Al-balad' a couple had a parrot as a pet. One morning, the husband woke up to tunes of whistling, and thought that may be his only wife, has an affair with someone, who is trying to attract the attention of his beloved, by whistling. Hurriedly, he proclaimed, divorce, divorce and divorce in the same breath. Upon examining the situation more cool heartedly, he realised that the culprit was infact the parrot. But it was too late now. Islam prescibes the three time divorce act after regular intervals, but those who utter three time divorce pronouncements at one time are rebels. Anyhow, the divorce takes place. so too later for this Arab to reconcile with his wife.

    As far whistling is concerned, few revered families in Pakistan abhore the idea of keeping a pressure cooker at home, as it whistles a lot, while the houshold is full of brides and duaghters. Similarly, I have seen many ladies who feel very strongly about the traffic cop whislting at them.

    I wrote above to cheer you all up.

    And another item. Chairman Wapda, Maj Gen Sarfraz Iqbal suggests that to cleanse Wapda from corrupt officers, must not only be limited to army, but teh officers must also correct their own qibla. He said that one grade 18 officer, recently recieved over Rs.10M (one crore) in photocopy charges, while another officer billed the exchequer 40 times for the replacement of his car's wind screen, in a tiny period of four months. This is how these hyenas are plundering the national departmets. Imagine how ruthlessly, they must be looting the public.

    should such people be put to death, to set example? China does it.